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How to Prevent Mold in Homes this Spring - Article Thumbnail

April Showers Brings… Mold Problems?

As spring brings warmer temperatures and increased humidity, the risk of mold growth in homes rises. Prevention is crucial, and certain measures can help control moisture levels and inhibit mold growth.

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Banish Summer Energy Breakdowns with a Home Generator - Article Thumbnail

Avoid Energy Breakdowns this Summer with a Generator

Ensure a powered and comfortable home during summer storms with a standby generator. These permanent appliances connect to your home's electric panel, powered by an external fuel source and provide many other benefits.

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Common Springtime Plumbing Issues and Solutions - Article Thumbnail

Avoid These Common Plumbing Problems this Spring

Heavy rainfall in spring can stress pipes and drainage systems, leading to various problems. Underground pipes may shift, break, or become damaged, while drains may clog and flood basements. Here's how to prevent these issues from arising in the first pla

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Common HVAC Problems During Winter - Article Thumbnail

Avoid These HVAC Winter Issues

Some of the most common HVAC issues we see in the winter include: dirty air filters, frozen pipes, heat cycling usage and carbon monoxide leaks. Stay safe and warm all winter long by contacting us when your HVAC needs repairs.

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How the Summer Heat Can Create a Plumbing Disaster - Article Thumbnail

Avoid a Plumbing Disaster this Summer

As the summer heat rises, plumbing issues can escalate. Here are a few common problems and solutions our plumbers see during the summer.

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Electrical Issues to Avoid this Winter - Article Thumbnail

Avoid these Electrical Issues this Winter

Tired of electrical problems disrupting your daily activities? Here's how you can avoid power outages, tripping circuit breakers and other electrical problems this winter.

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5 Steps to Take Before Turning on Your Air Conditioning - Article Thumbnail

Before You Turn on the AC, Take These 5 Steps

Prepare your air conditioner for summer by cleaning or replacing filters, clearing vents, maintaining the outdoor condenser and more. Call Bradley Mechanical for expert HVAC service and ensure a cool and comfortable home all summer long.

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Improve Your Home Performance with Air Duct Repair - Article Thumbnail

Benefits of Air Duct Repairs

Air duct repair, particularly sealing leaks in ducts, is a simple yet effective way to enhance a home's heating and cooling performance, leading to improved energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

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Thermostats to Help with Temperature Fluctuations - Article Thumbnail

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can make temperature adjustments for you, making your house more comfortable when you are home and helping to decrease your monthly heating and cooling bills over time.

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5 Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid this Summer - Article Thumbnail

Common Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid

To keep your AC unit in great condition this summer, avoid these common AC mistakes: leaving your unit on all day, setting the temperatures too low, keeping all vents open, and forgetting to change out your air filters.

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3 Ways Excess Humidity Can Enter Your Home - Article Thumbnail

Different Ways Humidity Enters Your Home

Summer humidity can damage homes, leading to mold and indoor air quality issues. Faulty ductwork is a major culprit, allowing moisture to infiltrate. Proper ductwork maintenance is crucial to prevent respiratory issues, structural damage, and costly repai

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What is a Standby Home Generator? - Article Thumbnail

Discover the Benefits of a Standby Home Generator

A standby home generator provides reliable power during outages, offering peace of mind & allowing homeowners to run appliances with high power capacities. Beyond convenience, these generators increase home value, enhance safety by utilizing automatic tr

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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Winter - Article Thumbnail

Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze this Winter

Avoid frozen pipes this winter by addressing plumbing issues before the first snow hits. Here are a few of our top tips to prevent frozen pipes and the headaches that come with them.

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Rainy Day Plumbing Problems - Article Thumbnail

Don't Let Your Rainy Day Turn Into a Plumbing Disaster

Broken pipes, pipe blockages, septic flooding... Avoid plumbing disasters after heavy rainfall by taking preventative actions and giving us a call when an emergency happens.

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Water and Electricity: A Dangerous Mix - Article Thumbnail

Don't Mix Water & Electricity

Dealing with a water leak? Even minor leaks can eventually grow into major disasters, especially if electricity is nearby. Get your electrical system and plumbing checked by our professionals today.

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Is It Time for a Water Filtration System? - Article Thumbnail

Drink Cleaner Water with a Water Filtration System

Install a water filtration system to ensure you always have access to clean drinking water. Bradley Mechanical provides expert testing and various filtration solutions for a healthier water supply.

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Should Low Humidity Concern You in Colder Seasons? - Article Thumbnail

Here's How Dry Air Impacts Your Home During the Winter

Low humidity is common during the winter months, but it can negatively affect your health, cause woodwork issues, and create colder, uncomfortable living environment. Whole-house humidifiers, including steam, fan-powered, and bypass types, offer solutions

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How to Restart Your HVAC After a Power Outage - Article Thumbnail

Here's How to Turn Your HVAC Back On After a Power Outage

Power outages, whether due to summer storms or winter conditions, can impact your HVAC system. To restart your air conditioner after a power outage, follow our step-by-step guide and give us a call if you have any further troubles.

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Why Home Water Testing Is Important to Your Health - Article Thumbnail

Here's Why You Should Get Your Water Tested

Does your tap water have hidden and harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, mercury, PCBs, and DDT? Bradley Mechanical offers comprehensive water testing to safeguard you and your family's health and water filtration systems so you can drink clean, heal

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Winter Maintenance Checklist for Your HVAC - Article Thumbnail

Here's Your Winter HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Having your HVAC system inspected annually can help to prevent performance issues. Here is our handy checklist to prepare your HVAC unit for winter and suggestions for what to do when issues arise.

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Is Your Drinking Water Safe? - Article Thumbnail

How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

It's important to test your water for harmful contaminants. We offer professional testing and solutions to provide you and your family with clean drinking water.

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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Temperature Fluctuations - Article Thumbnail

How to Best Manage Temperature Fluctuations in Your Home

Virginia's fall weather is unpredictable, with temperature swings stressing HVAC systems. Bradley Mechanical suggests 5 ways to maintain HVAC efficiency: seal ducts, inspect indoor/outdoor units, ensure proper insulation, and install a zoning system.

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Winter Tips to Manage Home Humidity - Article Thumbnail

How to Better Manage Home Humidity in the Winter

There are a few ways to help maintain the ideal relative humidity in your home this winter. Some you can do yourself (like purchase a humidifier) and others you may want to seek out the help of the professionals at Bradley Mechanical.

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Clearing Ice and Snow From HVAC Unit - Article Thumbnail

How to Clear Ice and Snow from Your HVAC

With your HVAC unit left outside to endure the winter weather, snow and ice can quickly buildup and impact the system's efficiency. Keep your HVAC unit clear of snow and ice by learning how to properly clean it this winter.

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How to Deal with Sewage Backups after Heavy Rain - Article Thumbnail

How to Deal with a Sewage Backup After Heavy Rain

Be prepared for sewer backups after heavy rainstorms. Municipal systems can get overwhelmed, causing clogs and flooding. Bradley Mechanical offers emergency plumbing services, swiftly addressing issues to save you time, money and a major headache.

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Extend the Life of Your AC Unit this Summer - Article Thumbnail

How to Extend the Life of Your AC Unit

From choosing the right size and changing out air filters regularly to cleaning the unit every season and scheduling yearly tune-ups, proper AC unit maintenance ensures optimal performance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

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Seal Your Home Top to Bottom - Article Thumbnail

How to Insulate Your Home from Top to Bottom

Enhancing your home's energy efficiency and winter warmth involves comprehensive sealing, addressing both the attic and crawl space. Keep your home warm this winter with our attic, crawl space and duct sealing services.

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How to Prevent Condensation in Your Air Ducts - Article Thumbnail

How to Keep Excess Moisture Out of Your Air Ducts

As spring brings increased humidity, homeowners may face issues with condensation in their air ducts, leading to various problems such as water damage, air leaks, decreased efficiency, mold, pests, corrosion, and health hazards.

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Keeping Your HVAC Condenser Clean this Fall - Article Thumbnail

How to Keep Your HVAC Condenser Clean

Leaves and debris can hinder airflow, causing your HVAC unit to work harder and increasing energy costs. Regular cleaning, performed at least twice a year, is recommended to avoid these issues and keep your system running at optimal efficiency.

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Prevention and Repair for Frozen Pipes - Article Thumbnail

How to Prevent and Repair Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops suddenly, your plumbing pipes are at risk. Be prepared by learning how to prevent frozen pipes from occurring, as well as how to effectively thaw pipes when they do freeze over.

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Restart Your AC After a Power Outage - Article Thumbnail

How to Restart Your Air Conditioning After a Power Outage

With unpredictable and stormy weather ahead, we'll likely experience power outages. These outages can disrupt your AC and make it harder to turn back on. Follow our step-by-step guide to restarting your AC after an outage.

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How to Handle an Outage During Snow or Ice Storms - Article Thumbnail

How to Safely Operate a Generator this Winter

When the power goes out, having a generator on hand can make all the difference. However, it's important to understand how to properly operate these devices to ensure you and your family remain safe.

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Improving Your Home's Air Quality - Article Thumbnail

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

As we begin to spend more time indoors in the winter, the importance of good indoor air quality rises. Address issues that could impact your IAQ, such as damp crawl spaces, mold and mildew and problems preventing effective ventilation.

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Save Energy this Spring by Inspecting Your Insulation - Article Thumbnail

Insulation Can Help You Save Energy & Costs

If you're dealing with drafty rooms, it's essential to address the root causes to save energy and enhance comfort. To identify and rectify these problems, Bradley Mechanical offers comprehensive home performance tests.

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How Long Can Your Generator Run? - Article Thumbnail

Is Your Generator Ready for Storm Season?

Prepare for fall weather-related power outages with our generator safety tips, including tips on where to place your generator, how to use it during wet weather and more.

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Tips to Make Sure Your HVAC System is Ready for Spring - Article Thumbnail

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Spring?

After a long winter, your HVAC system likely needs some maintenance or repairs. Before you switch from heat to air conditioning, follow our helpful tips to prevent future (expensive) problems.

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Signs Your Home Is Making You Sick - Article Thumbnail

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Unseen areas like ducts, attics, and crawl spaces can harbor moisture, mold, and pollutants affecting your indoor air quality and causing you to feel sick. Bradley Mechanical offers solutions to address these issues, including professional duct cleaning a

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Prepare Water Heaters for the Winter - Article Thumbnail

Is Your Water Heater Ready for the Cold Winter Months Ahead?

When was the last time you had your water heater looked at? Before the winter hits, it's a good idea to have your water heater maintained and inspected for issues that could impact your comfort.

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It's Winter Go Tankless - Article Thumbnail

It's Winter! Go Tankless!

Tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot water, are much more energy efficient than traditional water heaters. Upgrade this winter to enjoy the benefits!

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Plumbing and Pipe Problems to Watch Out For - Article Thumbnail

Keep An Eye Out for these Common Plumbing & Pipe Issues

Protect your home from potential water damage by monitoring your plumbing. Pipes deteriorate over time, leading to leaks and costly repairs. Check exposed pipes annually for signs of corrosion, discoloration, stains, or flaking, especially in older homes.

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Can Your HVAC System Survive Spring Hailstorms? - Article Thumbnail

Keep Your HVAC Safe During Hailstorms

As spring ushers in unpredictable weather, one often-overlooked threat is hailstorms. Hail damage can impact your HVAC system's overall efficiency and lifespan, so it's best to prepare and prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

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Is Your Home Struggling to Stay Cool in the Summer - Article Thumbnail

Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Insulation, like a warm jacket in winter, plays a vital role in preventing cool air from escaping during hot summers. Learn to identify signs of failing insulation, such as drafts, high energy bills, pests, and water leaks.

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Control Indoor Humidity Levels During a Rainy Spring - Article Thumbnail

Keep Your Home Dry Even During Rainy Days

During the spring, it's especially important to maintain humidity levels to avoid mold and mildew issues. We're here to help homeowners manage humidity levels and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

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Recover the Heat You’re Losing - Article Thumbnail

Keep Your Warm Air Indoors this Winter

Modern homes, designed with increased airtightness for energy efficiency, necessitate proper ventilation. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) has emerged as a solution, facilitating fresh air intake while retaining heat and optimal humidity levels in tightly

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A Wet Crawl Space Isn’t Normal - Article Thumbnail

Keep an Eye On Your Crawl Space

A neglected crawl space can lead to serious issues, impacting your home's safety and your family's health. Preventive measures, such as improving drainage, encapsulation, and using dehumidifiers, can mitigate these problems.

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Your Leaky Ducts are Costing You this Summer - Article Thumbnail

Leaky Ductwork Can Cost You Big in the Summer

Improve your home's heating and cooling efficiency by sealing air leaks around windows, doors, and air ducts. Gaps around window frames and damage duct seals force your HVAC systems to work harder, leading to expensive repairs.

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Generator Maintenance to Prepare for Winter - Article Thumbnail

Maintain Your Generator Before the Winter Months

As winter approaches, prepare your standby generators for optimal performance when you need it most. Change the oil, inspect the unit for repairs, replace spark plugs and run the unit every few weeks to keep parts lubricated.

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How to Increase the Life of Your Water Heater - Article Thumbnail

Maintain Your Water Heater with these Tips

By maintaining your water heater with the help of a professional and certified water heater expert, you can keep your system in great working condition year after year. Give us a call today to find out how we can help.

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Ventilation Tips to Keep the Humidity Out - Article Thumbnail

Our Top Tips to Keep Humidity Out of Your Home

Managing humidity in Richmond and Central Virginia is crucial to prevent mold, structural damage, and maintain indoor air quality within your home. Discover our top ventilation tips to keep your home dry and safe.

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Fall Maintenance for Solar Panels - Article Thumbnail

Prep Your Solar Panels for Winter

As fall arrives, solar panels can be impacted by falling leaves and debris. Make sure to regularly clean off debris and adjust the panel direction to capture sunlight effectively.

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Ventilation Preparation for Cold Weather - Article Thumbnail

Prepare for Winter with Proper Ventilation

Fall provides an ideal opportunity to ensure your home's ventilation system is ready for colder months. We recommend checking exhaust fans, changing air filters, and considering energy recovery ventilators to maintain healthy indoor air quality and energy

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Safeguard Your Devices with Whole House Surge Protectors - Article Thumbnail

Prevent Damages to Your Devices with Surge Protection

This spring and summer, protect your electronic devices and appliances in from power surges with whole house surge protection. Discover the benefits and options with Bradley Mechanical.

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Electrical Safety Tips for the Winter - Article Thumbnail

Prevent Electrical Fires & Risks this Winter

In the winter, our electricity bills skyrocket due to space heaters, holiday lights and decor, electric blankets and more. Here are a few helpful ways you can avoid a big electricity bill and prevent fires this winter.

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Protect Your Home from Moisture with Crawl Space Encapsulation - Article Thumbnail

Prevent Excess Moisture Within Your Crawl Space

Crawl space encapsulation adds a barrier, sealing vents, and insulation to prevent the buildup of moisture, mold and structural damage, enhancing air quality and energy efficiency.

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Breathe in Fresh Spring Air with an Air Purification System - Article Thumbnail

Prevent Indoor Allergies with an Air Purification System

Achieve better indoor air quality (IAQ) in tightly sealed homes with proper ventilation and air purification systems. Bradley Mechanical offers IAQ services, including HVAC and ventilation system evaluation, air filter replacement, and duct cleaning.

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Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality from the Humidity - Article Thumbnail

Protect Your Home from Humidity

Combat summer humidity to preserve indoor air quality. Excess moisture can lead to various issues like mold, musty odors, and compromised comfort. Learn how to recognize the signs of high humidity and give us a call for professional home performance tests

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Why Your Home Needs Surge Protection - Article Thumbnail

Protect Your Investments with Surge Protection

As the number of electronics in homes increases, the risk of power surges causing damage also rises. Bradley Mechanical offers various surge protection options to safeguard your devices and prevent costly damages.

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Frozen Pipes During Storm - Article Thumbnail

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

As colder weather approaches, so does the threat of freezing pipes. When temperatures drop and stay below freezing for an extended period of time, water can expand, building pressure inside of pipes until they burst or rupture.

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Can Your Solar Panels Stand Up to Hail - Article Thumbnail

Protect Your Solar Panels from Hail

Solar panels are durable and designed to withstand Central Virginia's weather, including wind, rain, and thunderstorms. While resistant to most weather conditions, large hail can pose a threat. Find out how to protect them.

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Running Your Home Generator This Fall - Article Thumbnail

Remember to Maintain Your Generator this Fall

As fall brings the prospect of power outages due to adverse weather, preparing with a portable or whole-home generator is essential for maintaining heat and necessary appliances. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance and repairs to ensure your generat

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Spring and Summer Energy Saving Tips - Article Thumbnail

Save Energy this Spring and Summer

Prepare for summer energy bills by adopting these energy-saving tips: switching to LED bulbs, utilizing your ceiling fans, sealing attic and crawl spaces to prevent leaks, and joining our HVAC energy-savings agreement program.

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How Generators Can Actually Save You Money - Article Thumbnail

Save Money this Summer with a Generator

Investing in a whole house generator can offer you long-term, money-saving benefits. By powering essentials during outages, lowering your insurance rates, increased property value and safeguarding your other appliances, having a generator can help you sav

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Winter Energy Costs - Article Thumbnail

Simple & Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Costs this Winter

There are numerous ways you can prepare your home for the cooler winter months while also avoiding a huge energy bills. Save by upgrading to a smart thermostat, eliminating drafts, using your ceiling fans and giving us a call for a professional home perfo

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Risks are Highest in Winter - Article Thumbnail

Stay Safe this Winter with Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As winter approaches, the risk of home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning rises. Installing interconnected smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is essential for early warnings and safety during the colder months.

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Tips to Prepare for Spring Storm Power Outages - Article Thumbnail

Surviving Spring Storms & Power Outages

As spring weather brings unpredictable conditions such as lightning, tornadoes, and flooding, it's crucial to prepare for potential power outages. Bradley Mechanical offers top recommendations to safeguard your home.

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What's that Smell? (Hint: It's Probably a Sewage Backup) - Article Thumbnail

That Strange Smell Might Just be a Sewage Backup

Notice a foul, sewage-like smell? Odds are you have a backup problem. Discover the main causes, ways to prevent future sewage backups and how to properly deal with one.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Ductwork this Summer - Article Thumbnail

The Benefits of Custom Ductwork

Custom ductwork ensures a perfect fit for your home, optimizing efficiency and comfort. Tailored to your home's specifications, it improves airflow, provides even cooling, reaches additional spaces seamlessly, enhances air quality, and boosts energy effic

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How Does Insulation Protect Your Home? - Article Thumbnail

Ways Insulation Protects Your Home

Proper insulation, whether in the attic, walls, or basement, reduces energy costs, protects pipes from freezing, controls condensation and improves your HVAC's system lifespan.

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The Best Heat for your Home - Article Thumbnail

What's the Best Type of Heat for Your Home?

From heat pumps to boilers to furnaces, there are numerous ways to heat your home. But which type is best? Find out which heating system will keep your home warm and cozy all winter long.

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Emergency Heat and How to Use It - Article Thumbnail

When Should You Use Emergency Heat?

The emergency heat setting on your thermostat is designed for extreme situations. While it's useful in emergencies, it's energy-intensive and should only be used briefly.

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Is Rain Tripping Your Circuit Breakers? - Article Thumbnail

Your Circuit Breakers Don't Mix Well with Rain

Experiencing circuit breaker trips during heavy rain? It could be due to water making contact with your electrical system. Ensure exterior outlets have covers and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) to prevent outages and damages to your devices.

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It's Time for Home Generator Maintenance - Article Thumbnail

Your Home Generator Likely Needs a Maintenance Check

Maintaining your generator is crucial after a season of heavy use. Spring is ideal for maintenance to ensure efficiency and spot potential issues, such as corrosion, low fuel levels, air filter replacements and more.

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