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Professional Mold and Mildew Removal Service

Mold and mildew growth can quickly impact you, your family, and your home and cause catastrophic health problems. If you suspect a mold and mildew problem, don't hesitate to call the experts at Bradley Mechanical. We understand the severity that these issues can cause and will do everything we can to remove them to restore your home's health and safety.

How does Mold and Mildew Grow?

Several conditions are needed for mold and mildew to thrive in an area. Mold and mildew occur in places with high moisture and humidity, where it has constant access to nutrients and oxygen, and where there is little to no sunlight. Warm air meets cold surfaces and creates moisture, which is why the bathroom is one of the most common rooms mold and mildew can form. You may also struggle with this problem in closets, basements, and attics due to their darker nature and poor ventilation.

Mildew only grows on the surface, but mold buries deep into porous surfaces, such as wood, drywall, carpet, insulation, and more. If left unchecked, mold can overtake huge areas inside the home's foundation. Due to the situation's risks and gravity, it is vital to call an expert to deal with the problem. Bradley Mechanical's team has been trained extensively to get rid of mold and mildew in the safest manner possible.

Mold and mildew growing on insulation and attic roof beam damaged by water

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew for Good with Bradley Mechanical

Mold and mildew considerably threaten your health and the home's structure. Mold and mildew grow in areas with high moisture and humidity and are often toxic to humans and pets when inhaled or ingested. Scrubbing the affected area can temporarily bandage the issue. Still, mold often buries deep within the surface of your home and multiplies. Extended exposure to mildew and mold can make you and your family sick, so having an expert deal with the problem is crucial.

Bradley Mechanical's technicians are available to come out as soon as possible to remove the threat of mold and mildew from your home. Our team takes the utmost care and patience with our mold removal and preventative services. We thoroughly inspect your house to find every inch of mold and mildew so we can prevent it from spreading further from negligence.

After the problem is eradicated, our technicians will also test the indoor air quality of your home to assess current conditions and improvements. The effects of mold and mildew can linger after removal, and there could be other issues in your home that affect indoor air quality. Bradley Mechanical offers indoor air quality tests year-round to ensure your home is free from airborne toxins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kills mold and mildew?

Hardware stores typically sell dedicated sprays and products that can help remove mold and mildew from the surface. You can also create a solution using products at home. Undiluted white vinegar is an excellent choice for hard tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, and a bleach solution is a versatile option. However, most mold issues grow deeper than the eye can see. More significant problems involving mold and mildew often have health risks when ingested and inhaled. Call us at Bradley Mechanical so we can get rid of mold and mildew at the root of the problem.

What is the difference between mold and mildew?

Mold includes all species of microscopic fungi and can grow in and on any organic matter, including walls, floors and clothing. Mildew is a specific type of mold and only grows on top of surfaces in areas with high moisture and humidity. Mold appears slimy in texture, while mildew appears powdery and spotty. Mold can be harder to detect and eliminate than mildew since it can burrow deep into surfaces instead of just spreading on top.

How do I get rid of mold and mildew?

It's possible to eliminate surface mold and mildew with products from the store and your home, but mold presents a large-scale issue. Mold can burrow deep within surfaces, so the entire scope of the case might be hidden in plain sight. You can use products to scrub away surface mold, but it's best to trust the experts for deep mold and mildew removal. Bradley Mechanical's expert team can destroy mold and mildew from both surfaces and deep within your home so you can live safely.

Get rid of mold and mildew with Bradley Mechanical.

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