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ESA HVAC Maintenance Program from Bradley Mechanical

Routine maintenance is one of the most important factors in keeping your HVAC system operating at optimal efficiency. After a maintenance tune-up, everything should be clean and in good working condition, right? Not necessarily. Many maintenance companies only offer a standard tune-up, excluding necessary cleaning measures and maintenance services.

Dealing with a Leaky Faucet?

The leaders at Bradley Mechanical realized this was an issue and developed our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) HVAC Maintenance Program. This provides our customers with all the tune-ups you expect, along with multiple added benefits at no additional cost.

“Our HVAC Maintenance division does what the others don’t. We actually do real maintenance. We Clean. We Test. We show results. We’re Different.” – Brad Bradley

Bradley Mechanical technician servicing a furnace with the ESA logo on the left side

Save Money & Increase System Efficiency with Our Energy Savings Agreement

Bradley Mechanical's ESA HVAC Maintenance Program provides our customers with a detailed HVAC system cleaning and inspection with additional perks. As a member, we'll visit your property twice a year to perform heating and AC maintenance for the major season changes. Members also have priority service, including 15% off parts and repairs. Likewise, if you have a part replaced on your system that is no longer under warranty, Bradley Mechanical warranties both the part and labor to replace it (this excludes compressors, coils and heat exchangers).

After having an ESA tune-up performed, customers will see a 15-30% increase in system efficiency – guaranteed! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so give us a call to experience the proper total system maintenance and start saving money today.

Become an ESA Member today.

ESA HVAC Maintenance Program: Residential Properties

Our ESA HVAC Maintenance Program members receive the following benefits from Bradley Mechanical. When compared to local competitors, it’s easy to see why our program stands above.

ESA Pro Member
Bradley Mechanical ESA PRO Members receive an all-inclusive maintenance service, no surprise charges, also includes 15% off all parts and labor repairs company wide.
Competitors' Services Their programs are visual inspections only, with cleaning and adjustment service add-ons. This includes fees for each piece of equipment and assembly needing attention.
Visual Inspection of System
Clean Indoor & Outdoor Coils
Clean & Adjust Blower Wheel
Clean Condensate Drain
Clean & Adjust Burner Assembly
Clean Ignition Assembly
Clean Heat Exchanger or Elements
Clean or Replace Customer Air Filters
Monitor Refrigerant Pressures
Test Starting Components
Test Safety Controls
Tighten Electrical Connections
Measure Volts / Amps
Measure Temperature Splits
$22/mo. One System

$41/mo. Two Systems


Suprise add-ons

ESA HVAC Maintenance Program: Commercial Buildings

Commercial businesses and buildings are not the same as residential homes. There are often bigger, more complex HVAC systems and needs, along with more frequent maintenance checks and repairs. At Bradley, we provide our commercial customers with top quality services from our certified technicians to inspect the building’s equipment. Your technicians will put together a custom maintenance plan for your business that includes:

  • All our standard maintenance procedures (from above)
  • Supplied belts and filters for each HVAC unit
  • Monthly filter changes and maintenance
  • A 15% discount on parts

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ESA HVAC Maintenance work?

Bradley Mechanical has the most comprehensive and detailed tune-up in the industry today. We not only inspect the entire system for potential failures, but we also clean the indoor/outdoor coils, blower wheel, drain lines and even apply a UV resistant coating to the outdoor unit to prevent UV exposure and damage. A proper maintenance tune-up should take about one hour to one and a half hours per system to clean and check for proper operation.

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