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Professional and Certified Gas & Water Pipe Repair

A gas leak or water pipe burst in your living or workspace can turn your life upside down. Our water pipe repair and gas pipe repair services provide our customers with immediate relief and results. Since 1969, we’ve provided emergency plumbing services, including pipe problems caused by freezing, deterioration, rust or something else entirely. Bradley Mechanical is the plumber you can call on for help.

Common Signs of Leaking Pipes

Blue leaking pipe in ceiling with damage

Detecting and Preventing Water Pipe Leaks

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted annually due to leaking water pipes. To avoid a leaking pipe, it’s essential to know the signs to watch out for:

  • Climbing water bill. A leaking pipe will quickly lead to excess water use and waste. If your water bill suddenly shoots up in price, it’s essential to call your local and trusted plumber to inspect for leaks.
  • Musty odors. If a pipe begins to leak behind hidden walls or underneath your floorboards, the excess moisture will likely result in mold or mildew growth. In these cases, you may smell it before you spot it.
  • Visible mold. Growing mold, whether you spot it in the corner of your bathroom, near your ceiling, or somewhere in the basement, it’s a problem that doesn’t just harm your house but also your health. Visible mold is a sure sign of a leaking pipe or water buildup from a different issue.
  • Stained ceilings, walls, and floors. Water spots on ceilings, walls and floors can indicate a previous or current leaking pipe.
  • Wet spots. If you step into a soggy carpet area or notice water pooling in your basement, there’s undoubtedly a leak. Try to identify the problem area as soon as possible and give us a call.
Gas pipe leaking with soap bubbles to indicate leak

Recognizing Gas Leak Signs

While water pipe leaks can go unnoticed for several days or weeks without notice or significant consequences, gas leaks are a different story. In addition to having your CO detector in tip-top shape, it’s also crucial to understand the signs of a gas leak and act immediately:

  • Foul odor. The smell of gas is often compared to rotten eggs or sulfur. While this scent may briefly appear when you turn on your gas stove or oven, a lingering or growing smell can cause concern.
  • Hissing sounds near gas lines. The sound of hissing or whistling may indicate a gas pipe leak. A dusty or white cloud near your gas line can also mean a gas leak is present.
  • Physically ill house members. Symptoms of gas leaks can look like breathing difficulties, dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, nausea, headaches, nosebleeds, ear ringing, and more.
  • Expensive gas bills. Your gas bill likely rises and falls throughout the year, but if you notice a sudden spike that does not warrant your gas usage, a small gas leak may be the cause.
Hands fixing a leaky pipe with a wrench

Water Pipe Repair

Although water pipe damage is a common occurrence, it can be frustrating and costly. Having a water damage company out to restore your home or business can be very expensive as well as seriously inconvenient. Being displaced from your home because of a pipe rupturing and flooding can be a profound disruption to you and your family’s day-to-day routine. At Bradley Mechanical, we do everything we can to address and repair your pipes immediately. We’ll provide expert service that will ensure you’re back home and comfortable as soon as possible.

Bradley Mechanical technician servicing a gas pipe

Gas Pipe Repair

Gas pipe damage can be just as frustrating and costly as a water pipe problem, but it can also come with more significant health problems. When you suspect a gas leak, remove yourself, your family and any pets from the home. Give our emergency line a call, and we will dispatch one of our on-call and certified plumbers to attend to your home immediately. We’ll also investigate the cause of the leak to ensure the source of the problem has been addressed and won’t happen again.

Bradley Mechanical technician servicing a pipe system

Pipe Upgrades

Along with our plumbing services for piping-related matters, we can also help you upgrade your plumbing system. Having a certified and experienced plumber can make a world of difference during and after any water pipe repair or gas pipe installation work that’s been performed. When we’re in your home or business performing repair work or upgrading and installing new plumbing or gas piping, it’s done right and safely to help avoid any future potential disasters.

Get in touch with us to schedule pipe repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes pipes to leak?

Clogged water lines are an extremely common cause of leaking pipes. Additionally, water damage and broken pipes can also result in water pipe problems. Pipe corrosion, poor fittings or hookup assembly, old valves and low-quality materials can cause gas leaks.

How do you know if you have a leak in your home?

High energy bills will always reveal a problematic leak, whether it’s due to water or gas. Other signs can include odd or foul odors, dripping or hissing sounds, mold, mildew growth, and more. If you suspect a leak, the best thing you can do is to call a certified plumber to diagnose the issue.

What are the dangers of hidden leaks?

Hidden water leaks can grow into mold problems, leading to health concerns and impacting your home’s structure. Hidden gas leaks can become dangerous quickly, as gas removes the oxygen in your home and can result in significant health issues and fatal consequences.

What are the signs of a gas leak?

The scent of rotten eggs or sulfur can indicate a gas leak, along with hissing sounds near your gas lines, high energy bills and unexplainable physically ill symptoms in yourself or your family members.

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