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Your Furnace Maintenance Experts

Regular furnace service, cleaning and maintenance will keep your system functioning at peak levels all year long. The comfort of you and your loved ones, especially on cold winter nights, is non-negotiable. However, you shouldn’t be paying extra for an already costly service.

When your furnace is working overtime or in need of repair, your energy bills can skyrocket. And if your furnace breaks down and requires replacement, you’re looking at a chilly home and a rather large expense. To keep your furnace running efficiently for as long as possible, schedule ongoing furnace service and maintenance from Bradley Mechanical.

Furnace Service & Repairs for All Types

Bradley Mechanical technicians can expertly diagnose, service and repair any furnace: residential, commercial, gas, electric or oil. We handle every size, make and model. With our 50+ years of experience, growing list of satisfied customers, and the A+ BBB rating, you can trust us to keep your furnace in great shape.

What Does Our Furnace Service Include?

We offer a range of furnace services, including:

  • Furnace cleaning - We’ll check your furnace vents for dust and debris that could be impacting airflow and your indoor air quality. We’ll also inspect the flower and clean it as needed. If your air filter requires replacement, our technicians can provide replacement same day.
  • Furnace maintenance - With a thorough look into your furnace’s vents and grilles, we’ll keep an eye out for leaks and blockages. Our experts will also check the heat exchanger for any corrosion, cracks or separations. If the belt shows any signs of wear, we can offer repairs or replacement. Any connections and wiring requiring tightening will also be handled.
  • Furnace function - If you’ve noticed issues with your thermostat or frequent temperature shifts, we’ll take a close look and identify what problems it could be experiencing. As a final touch, we’ll ensure the motor is properly lubricated.

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We Save Our Customers Money

Over the years, we’ve found our customers often spend 20% more than they should on energy. That’s the difference between a furnace that’s properly serviced and one that isn’t. Next time you review your energy bill, imagine how it would feel to keep 20% of that hard-earned money.

Proper service can also extend the life of your furnace. With the average cost to replace a furnace at around $4000 or more, it’s much more cost effective to keep up with furnace maintenance.

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Your Furnace Impacts Your Health

Poorly functioning furnaces can lose the ability to clean the air in your home or business. When this happens, your air may feel stuffy or stale, significantly impacting those who suffer from allergies. Malfunctioning gas or oil furnaces can even expose you to harmful pollutants. Count on our furnace service experts to identify and correct any furnace issues that could compromise your indoor air quality and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you service a furnace?

A furnace should be serviced at least once a year. Preferably, furnace maintenance should be done in the spring and the fall.

What causes your furnace to stop working properly?

Some common causes for furnace malfunction can include clogged air filters, dirty burners and poorly lubricated components. Other times it may be that the furnace has reached the end of its lifespan or simply needs a few replacement parts. Our technicians will diagnose all issues your furnace experiences and discuss which options best suit your needs and budget.

What can I do to troubleshoot my furnace before calling a tech for service?

Before calling us, head to your local hardware store to purchase and install a new air filter. Make sure to also check and replace the batteries in your thermostat. We also recommend checking the electrical panel in your home for blown fuses or tripped breakers. Lastly, make sure the power switch near the furnace is turned on.

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