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Keep Your Home Safe by Addressing Buzzing or Hot Outlets

Electrical outlet buzzing or hot outlets can be a cause for concern. Suppose you find your outlets are warm or hot to the touch after unplugging a device. In that case, we recommend scheduling an electrical home and safety test. If left unchecked or neglected, a buzzing or hot outlet can lead to significant problems down the road. Our professional electricians at Bradley Mechanical have the experience and tools to provide a hot outlet fix.

What Causes Buzzing or Hot Outlets?

Your outlets work hard to route power to your computers, television, kitchen appliances, lamps, and so much more. There are numerous reasons you could be experiencing buzzing or hot outlets:

  • Too many devices or too much demand. If you have one too many devices plugged into a multi-outlet adapter or power strip, it increases the energy voltage and can cause overheating.
  • Devices with transformers. Some devices, like laptops, use a transformer that changes voltage inputs and outputs, causing your outlet to feel hot to the touch. Try unplugging these devices to allow the strip to cool down. If the strip or outlet is still warm, call us right away.
  • Broken outlet. Over time, outlets can become cracked, chipped or even break. This can quickly become a safety hazard and require professional replacement. Don't hesitate to contact us if you notice visible damage to your outlet.
  • Damaged wires. Hidden behind your walls is a complex web of wiring. If electrical wires become loose or damaged, they can overheat the outlet cover. We will perform an inspection to identify the state of your electrical wiring and provide same-day repair or replacement options.
  • Incorrect fuse or breaker. If your fuse or breaker is rated too high, the circuit may be operating over its amperage rating. This can potentially become a fire hazard and requires professional testing.

Safety Tip

If a buzzing or hot outlet continues to be used, it can pose a considerable risk to the rest of the electrical circuit, as well as your health and safety. If you hear a light humming or buzzing coming from one or more of your outlets, stop using the outlet immediately and contact Bradley Mechanical.

Bradley Mechanical's Hot Outlet Fix

Your safety is our top priority. We know the risks electrical outlet buzzing brings to you and your home, and we're here to ensure you can use the power in your home without worry.

Our team of certified electricians is up to date with code compliance for electrical systems. From new residential construction to commercial repair or general service work, we have the experience and expertise to provide quality electrical services. We take all necessary steps to ensure your home or office building is up to code.

The electrical team of Bradley Mechanical is ready to serve you. Call us right away at (804) 748-6728 if you see any signs of a buzzing or hot outlet in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a buzzing wall outlet?

When you hear a light humming or buzzing coming from an outlet that's in use, it's an indication that electrical wires have become loose. The sound is caused by the wires vibrating. This is a common problem in older homes and buildings that a certified electrician has not recently assessed. Once you hear a buzzing sound, stop using the outlet immediately and call Bradley Mechanical. A buzzing outlet is an extreme safety risk and can lead to electrical fires or electrocution. Do not attempt to repair the outlet yourself.

Why is my electrical outlet buzzing?

Electrical wiring can naturally become loose over time. Electrical buzzing can also be caused by improper installation, an imbalance of electrical flow or remodeling. We will perform a full electrical inspection to find out what's causing your outlets to overheat or buzz.

Bradley Mechanical is dedicated to your health and safety.  If you find a buzzing or hot outlet, give us a call right away.

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