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Professional Water Testing Services

Performing annual water testing services helps ensure your drinking water remains safe. No matter where your water comes from, contaminants like harmful bacteria and metals can unknowingly lurk in your water supply and harm you and your loved ones. Water quality testing allows you to understand what risks are present in your water and how to remove them effectively. Bradley Mechanical’s plumbing experts are ready to test your water and help you select and install the proper filtration systems.

The Benefits of Water Analysis

Whether you get your water from a well, municipally or other sources, there’s a chance you could be drinking or bathing in water that could negatively impact your health. Undergoing a professional water analysis allows you to improve your water source by:

  • Making it safer to drink. Everyday water from your faucets can contain a myriad of hazards that pose serious health risks. Dangers of high levels of chlorine, chemical toxins and even traces of prescription drugs can be found in water if it isn’t filtered properly. Even the presence of known carcinogens can be found in the water you bathe in or drink. Pollutants from industry and agriculture sources tend to leak into the groundwater, which can seep into rural wells.
  • Improving the taste and quality. Certain chemicals and hard water can make your water taste or smell off. Hard water and high levels of chlorine can also impact the health of your hair and skin. Water quality testing improves not only the water supply’s safety but also the overall taste and quality.
  • Avoiding future contamination. Water testing services track changes in your water supply. This information can help you avoid new or increasing contaminations. This is why having the plumbing professionals at Bradley Mechanical test your water can help protect you and your loved ones from future health risks.

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Explore Your Options with Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are a great way to protect the health and safety of those who use the water in your home or business. There are also products like water softeners that can help with water hardening, which can affect your skin and hair.

Bradley Mechanical is proud to offer various filtration products that you can use to help clean the water in your home or business. Our water testing services can help you identify the severity of the contaminants in your water so we can help you select and install the right water filter system that fits your needs and budget.

For over 50 years, we have provided professional plumbing and water testing services. We work hard to keep your home or office safe, clean and healthy for years to come. Contact us today if you’re concerned about your water source or are interested in installing a water filtration system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is water quality testing?

Water quality testing measures the presence and number of bacteria in your water. Certain germs are entirely harmless and commonly found in water. We’re looking for disease-causing or hazardous contaminants while performing a water analysis. We also check the pH level of the water, as this can indicate other issues.

Why is water quality testing important?

Home and business owners use water every single day. From drinking water to bathing water, it’s a resource that we need to survive and live comfortably. Thus, if your water source is contaminated, it could lead to serious health issues. To maintain a safe and reliable water source, it’s essential to have your water tested regularly and utilize a filtration system if your water source is compromised.

What is analyzed in water testing?

Water quality testing will look for any present metals, such as iron, lead, or manganese, as well as oils, pesticides, salts, chemicals, and harmful bacteria. This test helps us estimate the number of microorganisms present in your water source and whether it is at a safe level.

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