Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Water is a necessity of life. We bathe in it, cook with it and drink it every single day. It is what keeps our bodies healthy, our lawns green and our clothes clean. Not to mention it’s also sometimes fun to play in. But with the risk of pharmaceuticals, industrial waste and biological contaminants making their way into our water sources, it’s no wonder we think about the quality of the water in our homes more than ever.

Providing your home with fresh, clean water is very important which is why Bradley Mechanical offers water testing services and complete home filtration systems. Our plumbing and water filter experts can identify what contaminants may be in your water and help you choose the right water filtration system to best fit your needs.

Well Water

Having a private water source like a well can be great but it leaves you responsible for the quality of water you drink. Heavy rainfall, flooding and runoff can introduce surface contaminants into a well or the aquifer below. There are also many types of microbes that can live in wells – most are harmless but none can be detected without testing the water. We highly recommend both having your well water tested and installing a water filtration system to help prevent any kind of sickness from tainted or contaminated water.

Water Testing Services

Chemical toxins, biological contamination and even traces of pharmaceutical drugs can find their way into your water from many sources. Some of them have no taste or color making them almost impossible to detect. Any of these contaminants could be causing serious effects to your health. That is why having your water professionally tested is so important.

Water Filtration Systems

Once the problems with your water have been identified with our water testing services, it is time to choose the best solution. A whole house filter is a great to protect everywhere water is dispensed in your home. It connects Bradley Mechanical offers a variety of filtration products that will help clean the water in your home.

Water Softeners

Hard water means there is a high level of mineral contents, specifically calcium and magnesium, present in your water. It can have negative effects to your body like leaving buildup in your hair or causing dryness or irritation of your skin. A water softening system or water softeners can help reduce the mineral content in your water.

The plumbing and water filter system experts at Bradley Mechanical have been helping to provide clean water for Central Virginia homeowners since 1969. Our trained team can not only test your water to detect the severity of contaminants but also offer solutions like water filtration systems and water treatment products. If you have any concerns about the quality of your water, call the plumbing and water filtration experts at Bradley Mechanical today.

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