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Protect Your Home with HVAC Duct Performance Testing

HVAC duct performance testing is integral to ensuring your HVAC system provides proper airflow in your home or business. Testing helps detect and prevent health and safety issues stemming from leaky ducts that may pick up excess moisture or airborne pollutants, leading to serious health issues. Duct performance testing also safeguards your heating and air conditioning system's efficiency, ensuring that your ventilation system isn't losing any air inside your walls or crawl spaces when cooling or heating your home or workspace.

Our certified HVAC technicians at Bradley Mechanical specialize in ventilation and ductwork to provide high-quality HVAC duct performance services. We test to ensure your system continues operating efficiently and implement fixes to avoid future system failure. In addition to our residential duct performance testing, we also provide commercial duct performance testing for our local businesses. With over five decades of experience, Bradley Mechanical is your local, trusted HVAC professional you can trust.

Bradley Mechanical technician testing duct performance

The Benefits of Duct Performance Testing

Our commercial and residential duct performance testing is a great first step in identifying problems before it's too late. During this process, we use our duct leakage test to determine how much loss occurs with the air that passes through your ductwork. These losses happen where airborne pollutants and allergens are typically picked up. Pet dander, dust mites, asbestos and several other potentially dangerous contaminants can be found in the air that is pulled through leaking ductwork. This is why it's important to test for these pollutants to mitigate the risk of future health safety issues that can lead to serious complications if left untreated.

Duct performance testing helps you find these inefficiencies so that you don't overpay each month on energy costs or experience the surprise of having to buy a new HVAC unit.

HVAC Duct Performance Services

Our duct testing services will help identify issues that may cause your system to run inefficiently. Some of the main problems we find while performing HVAC duct performance services include:

  • Cleaning and dislodging particles. Dirt and dust buildup within your air duct system can strain your HVAC system. These not only reduce the amount of warm and cold conditioned air you receive but can also result in health complications. Our ductwork cleaning services ensure your ductwork remains spotless with routine maintenance.
  • Checking for leaky ducts. When your ductwork leaks, it causes your system to compensate for the losses by working even harder. This can speed up the life cycle of your HVAC system, causing it to prematurely fail and become inoperable.
  • Identifying layout solutions. If the layout of your ductwork impacts its functionality and efficiency, our team of experts will provide you with our top recommendations. This may include new insulation installation or reconfiguring the ductwork to simplify the process and shorten the distance air must travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to perform a duct test?

Duct performance testing is essential if you want to maximize the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Residential and commercial duct performance testing can detect leakage that can be sealed to not only keep conditioned air from escaping the ductwork but also prevent outside pollutants from contaminating your indoor environment.

How can ductwork be made more efficient?

Ductwork can be made more efficient by sealing leaks and insulating unconditioned spaces to reduce energy loss. HVAC duct performance services provide these improvements cost-efficiently and extend your HVAC system's lifespan.

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