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Your Local Boiler Maintenance Professionals

Bradley Mechanical specializes in boiler service and maintenance. When your tired boiler needs new life or you’ve noticed a spike in energy bills, do what the pros do: call Bradley Mechanical. Our local boiler service is available 24/7 in your area.

You Can Count on Us

When you need boiler service done, you need a local and trusted professional to rely on. For over 50 years, Bradley Mechanical has provided professional plumbing services and mastered the craft of boiler service and repairs. Our master plumber and certified team are equipped with generations of experience, as well as the latest tools and knowledge to ensure we get the job done right. Even other local heating and air companies count on us to assist with their boiler service and repairs!

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Save Money with Bradley Mechanical

Our boiler service technicians are certified in combustion analysis and can precisely adjust the balance of fuel and air to achieve maximum safety and efficiency. You may not care if your boiler requires 12 or 13 parts of air for each part of fuel, but you certainly care about how much you pay for fuel. The bottom line: Our boiler service routinely saves customers an average of 25% on their fuel bills.

Boiler heating systems can last as long as 30 years, but not without following proper care and maintenance routines. Without regular servicing, your boiler’s components and the boiler itself can fail prematurely. Enroll in a boiler service plan from Bradley Mechanical to reduce your monthly fuel costs and avoid the much bigger expense of replacing a boiler.

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We Service All Types of Boilers

Bradley Mechanical technicians can expertly diagnose and service any boiler heating system. We handle all sizes, makes, and models, including residential and commercial. Our team is certified to work with natural gas boilers, oil boilers, as well as coal boilers, and gasoline boilers.

Boilers need a fine-tuned balance of fuel and air to heat homes and businesses efficiently. Without regular service and maintenance, boilers can lose this balance and use the wrong amount of fuel to deliver warmth. This not only leaves you in an uncomfortable home or office, but it also results in high energy bills every month. Getting boilers to combine the perfect balance of fuel and air requires expert analysis and adjustment.

Boiler service is one of our many specialties. There’s no boiler too big, too small, too old, or too new that we can’t fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during boiler service?

A boiler service always begins with a visual check to ensure everything is installed and positioned correctly. The technician will then check that the boiler is operating correctly and identify any problems. The boiler casing is then opened, and the internal components are inspected and cleaned. Finally, the technician confirms the boiler is working safely and efficiently.

How often does my boiler need maintenance checks?

All boilers require regular maintenance checks to continue working efficiently. We recommend having your boiler serviced once a year. If you have a gas boiler, it is required by law to have it serviced annually. By setting up routine boiler service, you can schedule it during the warmer months to ensure it works well throughout the winter.

How often should I service an oil boiler?

Like other boilers, an oil boiler should be serviced every 12 months to be sure it’s safe and operating efficiently. Newer oil boilers have higher efficiency ratings and can help reduce fuel consumption. If your oil boiler has started to show its age by requiring frequent servicing or has had multiple breakdowns, it may be time to consider investing and installing a new system.

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