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Diagnosing Electrical Problems & Troubleshooting from Certified Electricians

When you’re experiencing electrical problems, give Bradley Mechanical a call. We offer professional electrical troubleshooting services for complex and severe issues, including your everyday, common electrical woes. Our team of certified electricians will diagnose the problems with your electrical system and repair them for you on the spot.

Solving and Repairing Electrical Problems Since 1969

An electrical problem can be as simple as installing a lightbulb with the correct wattage or switching to grounded outlets to accommodate three-pronged plugs. However, many common electrical issues can worsen when left unresolved and need a precise hand to repair.

Bradley Mechanical’s expert electricians work daily to resolve and repair electrical problems for our clients. Our team is trained and up to date on current NEC code compliance to ensure your electrical system is up to code as we address issues. Our client’s safety is our top priority, so if you need help with electrical troubleshooting, don’t ignore it. Turn off the power if you can and call our team right away.

Common Electrical Problems & Professional Solutions

There are a variety of common electrical problems that homeowners experience. If unchecked, they can quickly grow into severe issues that can threaten the lifespan of your electrical system as well as your safety. Common electrical problems in your household can include:

  • Loose wiring and outlets. Over time, wiring and outlets can experience damage or become loose due to improper installation, renovations, or other arrangements.
  • Ungrounded outlets. These have two-prong plug-ins instead of three and can limit how safely electrical currents travel. Using an adapter instead of replacing the ungrounded outlet can risk frying your devices and creating hot outlets.
  • Over-lamping. Over-laming is when the lightbulb used in a lighting fixture has a higher wattage than the fixture can handle.
  • Faulty switches. Loose wiring and arc faulting can cause faulty switches, both of which can be fire hazards.
  • Overwired panels. When electrical currents are pushed through more circuits than the panel can handle, power surges, outages and overheating can occur.

Bradley Mechanical has seen and repaired just about every electrical issue that can happen for over fifty years. We treat our clients like family, and we don’t let family members live in risky conditions. Our team will assess all aspects of your system to solve these electrical problems and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Contact Bradley Mechanical today to help troubleshoot electrical problems in your home. Our team of certified electricians will accurately identify the problem and perform efficient repairs to get your electrical system back in shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I troubleshoot electrical problems?

There are several things you can do to safely troubleshoot electrical problems before contacting an electrician. Check to see if your neighbors are experiencing power issues before going further. You can also contact your electricity company to see if there are any local outages or power line problems. You will want to check your main electrical panel, outlets in use, and plugged-in devices that could be the cause of an issue as well. If you find the issue or are unsure where to go, make sure to turn everything off and give our crew at Bradley Mechanical a call.

What are common electrical problems?

Some common electrical problems include loose wiring, ungrounded outlets, faulty switches, over-lamping, and over-wired panels. These issues can harm your electrical system and pose a safety risk if they are ignored. If you notice any of these issues, call Bradley Mechanical immediately, and we’ll dispatch one of our certified and expertly trained electricians to repair them.

Got electrical problems? Give us a call.

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