Electrical Issues to Avoid This Winter

When it comes to performance, your electrical system is the lifeblood to almost everything you use in your home. The many appliances you use on a daily basis and the equipment your home needs to keep you and your family comfortable require electricity. That is why it is important to monitor issues in your electrical system before they become problems.

With cold temperatures and wintry precipitation come many common electrical issues. Here you can learn about some of those common electrical issues to help you better prepare your home for the winter months.

Power Outages

Winter can often bring damaging weather conditions like snow, ice and freezing rain. If your home is unprotected, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to weather-related power outages. Having your electrical system thoroughly checked by a professional can help determine if your home is ready for winter. Sometimes a power outage is completely unavoidable which means having a standby home generator installed is always a good investment.

Old Equipment

There are a few devices that are most often brought out during winter and they also happen to be some of the most common contributors to electrical home fires – space heaters, electrical blankets and holiday lights. Older equipment and appliances are often incompatible with modern homes and should be checked regularly. If you do plan on using a space heater or electric blanket this winter be sure to check the cords for fraying, tears or signs of wear. Do the same for holiday lights. As a general guideline, it is best to replace any of these items that are five years or older due to wear and tear.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

The winter season can mean extra work for your electrical panel. With the extra use of heating systems, portable heaters and holiday decorations, there can be a heavy strain put on your electrical system. If your home has an older electrical panel, you’re running a huge risk of overloading. In other words, there is an electrical need that your current panel cannot provide. This can prove to be a major fire hazard for your home. One solution to this would be to upgrade your electrical panel which is also known as a “heavy up.” This will allow more amperage to enter your house so that your electrical system can handle an increased load.

Is your home’s electrical system in need of upgrading or repair for this winter? Do you need professional help identifying issues before they become major problems? Depending on its age and condition, you might want to consider calling Bradley Mechanical. We can help you avoid these common electrical issues and give you peace of mind knowing your home will be safe throughout the winter season. Our team of certified electricians can help you troubleshoot any electrical problems in your home. We have been the trusted electrical experts in the Richmond and Central Virginia area for over 50 years. Give us a call today at (804) 748-6728.

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