Frozen Pipes During a Storm

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

As colder weather approaches so does the threat of freezing pipes. When temperatures drop and stay below freezing for an extended period of time, water can expand building pressure inside of pipes until they burst or rupture.

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Taking these precautions will not guarantee your pipes will not freeze during extremely low temperatures. However, they will greatly reduce the chances of it happening.

  • Set thermostat – Keeping the same temperature during both day and night can help avoid frozen pipes. Incurring a higher energy bill may still be cheaper than the clean-up and repair of burst pipes.
  • Insulate pipes – Installing pipe sleeves is an easy way to protect exposed pipes. They’re easy to install and can be found at most hardware stores.
  • Open cabinet doors – Keeping cabinet doors open will allow warm air to circulate around the pipes under your sinks.
  • Run faucets – Let water drip overnight. Keeping water moving, even at a slow rate, can help reduce the chances of pipes freezing.

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

Before attempting to thaw a frozen pipe, be sure to open both the hot and cold handles to the faucet. This will help relieve pressure inside the pipe when the water begins to thaw.

  • Use a hairdryer – Always start warming the pipe closest to the faucet, working your way to the coldest part of the pipe. This will help avoid bursting a pipe.
  • Heat lamp or space heater – Warming the air around the pipes can help with thawing. Position the heater near the pipes and follow all safety instructions on the heating device.
  • Hot towels – Wrap towels that have been soaked in hot water around the frozen pipe.

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