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Reduce High Energy Bills with the Help of Home Performance Experts

If you’re looking for ways to reduce high energy bills, we can help you troubleshoot issues and adjust lower your monthly bill. Bradley Mechanical is dedicated to providing our customers with sustainable services. If your appliances work harder than they should, whether due to damage, blockages or something else entirely, your utility bills are no longer sustainable. Whenever we perform a service, we consider how our work can make your home more efficient.

Why You Have a High Energy Bill

High energy bills are most often the result of several compounding factors. Our certified technicians can pinpoint where your energy overage is coming from, but we realize that we are only getting a snapshot of a customer’s energy use. Here are a few things to watch out for if you’ve started to notice your energy bill rising:

  • The use of old, inefficient appliances. From water heaters and HVAC units to generators and washing machines – there have been significant improvements made to everyday appliances that can improve your energy efficiency.
  • Inefficient lightbulbs. Lightbulbs are one of the most common and easy home replacements. However, if you’re still buying traditional light bulbs rather than LED energy-saving ones, you could see that reflected in your energy bill.
  • Idle appliances. Otherwise known as “vampire appliances” that sit around and suck energy without being helpful to you, such as computer chargers, microwaves, game consoles and more
  • Poor insulation. If your home or building has insulation issues, it results in excess use of air conditioning and heat.
  • Increased energy usage. The work-from-home shift caused many to set up and install home offices, which included more devices. Staying home more often also impacts your energy usage.
  • Extreme weather. After a bad storm or natural disaster, there’s a good chance the temperatures have shifted, and you may have even experienced a loss of power. Although that sounds like it would save you money, trying to recover from these events requires a lot of energy use.

If you suspect you have a high energy bill and want to lower it, our experts can do a thorough walkthrough of your home or office to determine where you can improve energy efficiency.

We can help you reduce a high energy bill.

We'll Help You Understand Your Energy Profile

It’s important to understand how your home energy usage stacks up against others of similar size. Typically, you can total annual energy usage by estimating $1.20 per square foot per year. However, if you use an expensive, volatile fuel like oil or live in a heat dominated climate — your usage may be higher than normal. Even if you heat with wood and get it for “free,” you would still need to figure out the cost of the wood and corresponding BTU usage.

The most important part of your energy profile is made up of three separate energy usage areas: heating, cooling and baseload. The first two are self-explanatory. Your baseload is a compilation of the things that require energy usage all year round, such as lights, refrigeration, water heating and other incidental appliances. You can calculate your baseload by averaging your lowest two months during shoulder seasons (when there is no heating or cooling). Once you’ve created a good energy profile, you can analyze the square footage and the house make up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my electric bill so high?

There’s an endless list of reasons why you could experience a high energy bill. From insufficient or old appliances to damaged insulation or structural issues – these are all things that can contribute. Our experts can diagnose the issue or issues most likely contributing to the problem and provide recommendations to help reduce high energy bills.

How can I determine if my energy bill is too high?

Keeping track of your energy bills throughout the year is an excellent way to identify averages and abnormalities. However, if you just moved into a new place or are unsure about previous averages, we can help you determine what a high energy bill would look like for you and your energy use.

Reduce your high energy bills contact Bradley Mechanical.

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