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Update Your Electrical System with Our Fuse Panel Services

Our fuse panel services update outdated fuse panels that struggle to handle modern day levels of electricity. In some cases, fuse panel replacement may be needed to ensure your devices gain power through dependable and safe means. Our team of certified electricians at Bradley Mechanical will walk you through the process and safely install a new system with our fuse panel services.

A Bradley Mechanical electrician replaces old electrical wiring.

Do You Need a Fuse Panel Upgrade?

Depending on how old a house or building is and how long it’s been since the electrical system has been updated, there’s a good chance it’s time for a fuse panel upgrade. After all, your fuse box could date back as early as the 1950s when electrical devices did not need the power or maintenance that many appliances now require.

To accommodate these needs, breaker panels solve a lot of problems that fuse boxes presented as electric devices progressed. They allow you to:

  • Reset a tripped circuit immediately, where you must completely replace a blown fuse with an older system.
  • Expand or add circuits to adapt to modern electrical requirements.
  • Upgrade the panels to a higher voltage needed to power the entire house without safety risk. Most fuse panels are rated at 60-amp capacity, while breaker panels often start at 200-amp.
  • Follow regulations, as older fuse panels often do not follow NEC regulations, which increases the risk of electrical fires and can threaten your safety.
A Bradley Mechanical electrician's hand in front of upgraded breaker panel.

Professional Fuse Panel Replacement

Switching from a fuse box to a breaker panel usually takes only a day to complete. Our crew of certified electricians at Bradley Mechanical has performed quality fuse panel upgrades and replacements for over 50 years. We have seen a lot of progress regarding electrical systems and wiring, and our team keeps up to date on NEC codes and guidelines to keep up with new practices. We take the time to properly install new breaker panels and test every aspect to ensure it’s in proper working order. We do not leave until our job is completely done and you’re in safe hands with your upgrade.

Bradley Mechanical is here to help you make the upgrade from an outdated fuse panel system to a modern breaker panel. Scheduling a fuse panel upgrade will provide enough power to take care of all your appliances and devices in a safe manner. Our clients are our family, and we want to make sure your home is safe no matter what.

Have questions? Contact Bradley Mechanical to explore your options and replace your fuse box with an upgraded breaker panel.

Upgrade your fuse panel today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an electrical inspection?

Our electricians will comb over every part of your electrical system to ensure proper installation and function. The assessment includes checking the wiring, inspecting the fuse box or breaker panel thoroughly, testing safety devices, ensuring that everything is up to NEC standards, and other essential tasks. We will talk to you about the condition of your electrical system and make you aware of any potential repairs needed.

How often should you have your fuse box checked?

We recommend that you have your fuse box checked by a certified electrician every 3-5 years. If you notice any issues with your fuse box, turn off the power and set a maintenance appointment right away.

Why should homeowners upgrade their fuse boxes?

Fuse boxes are older systems that might not have the capability to power all the electronics and devices we utilize today. Upgraded breaker boxes can power your home efficiently and safely, are easy to reset when a breaker is tripped and are easier to manage and repair than fuse boxes.

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