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Improve Your Indoor Comfort with Insulation Review & Testing

Bradley Mechanical’s insulation review evaluates your home or building’s insulation to detect any flaws or damage. Our certified HVAC technicians thoroughly investigate all accessible ceiling, floor and wall areas to ensure your insulation is in great condition.

Professional Insulation Review from Certified Experts

A professional insulation review is an important step to ensuring your home remains comfortable all year round. Insulation that functions as intended also impacts your energy use and bill. During our insulation review, we’ll accurately assess the insulation type, age and R-value (a material’s ability to resist heat). A second insulation review determines whether the insulation is in the right place, if it can be relocated or if a new material needs to be considered.

We’ll look at these four areas in your home during the insulation review:

  • Attic. We assess attics based on whether they are floored and if there are large storage needs. Often, attic space is segmented, and one side of the insulation has more requirements than the other. Depending on the layout and insulation requirements, we may suggest moving stored items to a better-conditioned area.
  • Floors and ceiling. Sometimes an enclosed floor area needs to be densely packed with cellulose, such as rooms over garages. There should be insulation in every open floor area. We will investigate if there are spaces between floors that may be short-circuiting the floors above or the ceilings below. This can usually be done with a blower door test and an infrared camera.
  • Walls. When we find little insulation in the ceiling, we typically don’t find any insulation in the walls. Older houses with balloon framing or open wall areas (such as in split levels) will see large gains after an insulation review and installation.
  • Crawl space. Crawl space ceilings are required to be insulated, but we still find older homes without them. To protect your crawl space from mold and mildew growth, standing water, structural damage and other issues, an insulation review can make all the difference.

If you’re unsure of how well your insulation is performing or don’t know if the areas in your home are properly insulated, give Bradley Mechanical a call.

Attic ceiling insulation with rock wool

We Provide Insulation Tests & Resistance Testing

Insulation tests, or insulation resistance testing, are ways of assessing and monitoring insulation integrity. Because insulation can deteriorate or fail over time, it’s important to undergo several insulation tests to support your equipment and appliances.

Bradley Mechanical can perform a number of different insulation tests to detect deterioration, temperature problems, safety concerns and more. The results help us identify issues before they become major problems. One of the greatest benefits of insulation resistance testing is ensuring your safety, as damaged wiring, corrosion, moisture, extreme temperatures, and more can trigger energy loss, fires, as well as mold and mildew growth.

Learn more about our insulation review & testing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test insulation resistance?

Several different tests have been developed to test insulation resistance. We commonly perform “stress tests” by injecting a test voltage and measuring the current. Other methods include spot reading tests, time resistance tests and step voltage tests. Bradley Mechanical utilizes different equipment and instruments while testing. We recommend hiring a certified professional to perform these tests, as they require multiple safety measures.

How much does insulation save me?

While the amount of money saved ranges due to a building’s size, age and construction, there’s no doubt that insulation saves you money on energy costs. Insulation helps you retain heating in the cold months and cool air in the warm months. Without having to run your HVAC system 24/7, you’ll naturally save money due to less energy use.

What are the benefits of insulation?

Apart from its major cost-savings benefit, insulation makes your home or building safer and more comfortable. It can also reduce noise levels, increase your resale value and positively impact the environment. Insulation is also required in most states due to its energy-efficiency qualities. 

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