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GenPro Maintenance Plan

Semi-Annual Generator Maintenance from Bradley Mechanical

Generator maintenance is crucial to keeping your unit operating at optimal performance levels. Our highly qualified & trained generator technicians are here to help provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your generator is ready to kick on when the power goes out.


  • 20% off generator parts & labor.
  • Emergency service access 24/7.
  • Battery replacements included ($150 value!).
  • Unlimited filter changes.
  • Protective ceramic coating on the exterior of the generator.
  • Extended life of your unit & investment.
  • Lower energy costs during use with proper equipment & frequent adjustments.
  • Increased capacity of your unit.
  • Peace of mind in knowing your unit will work with you need it most

GenPro Semi-Annual Maintenance Plan Semi-Annual Generator Maintenance Program. Your air-cooled generator will receive top-notch service & benefits twice a year.
One-Time Maintenance Program Annual, As-Needed Maintenance. A one-time Maintenance program, allowing you to schedule a Maintenance visit once a year.
System Inspection
Spark plug wires & ignition coil
Fuel lines & regulators for proper fuel pressure
Verify battery voltage & cell fluid levels
Perform a full electrical inspection of connections
System Monitoring
Voltage Output
Perform an exercise cycle to ensure it is operational & set to your preference
Perform a full statup, power transfer & cool down
Document generator run time
Inspection & Cleaning
Unit interior
Unit exterior
Treat around the pad to help prevent insect damage
Annual Maintenance
Oil & filter
Spark plugs
Air filter
Additional Fee $48
Replace battery (once every three years)
Additional Fee $300
Apply protective ceramic coating to exterior housing to help prevent UV damage and shed water & dirt.
$40 per month ($480/year)
$299 Flat Fee

Customer Responsibilities

  • Listen for your unit to exercise weekly.
  • Check to ensure you have a green light to minimize emergencies.
  • Check periodically for debris around your unit.
  • Check your gas supply often.
  • Keep fences & bushes away from the unit.

Terms & Conditions

Bradley Mechanical reserves the right to inspect the system prior to issuing or renewing a GenPro Maintenance Plan.

Bradley Mechanical will endeavor to render prompt & efficient service, but it is expressly agreed that we shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of the performance of this Plan or equipment.

There shall be no liability for any reason on the part of Bradley Mechanical for work done by anyone else unless such person is authorized in writing by Bradley Mechanical to perform such work or furnish parts.

For the safety of our technicians, we do not work on or issue emergency services on outdoor equipment during inclement weather.

The length of the GenPro Maintenance Plan is one year. The Plan will be up for renewal after the second appointment has been completed for the current Plan price. Should you sell your home within your coverage period, this Plan will automatically transfer to the new owners (for the remainder of the Plan). We provide a free one-time inspection of your system when you sell your home (please contact us for details).

Warranty repairs will be submitted to Generac® for approval. Denied claims by Generac® will be invoiced to the customer with the above terms. For units with only parts warranty remaining, the customer will be invoiced the generator service trip charge if repair is not performed at the time of service & generator labor at the current rate. The Generac® Warranty begins at registration or purchase date of the unit. Generac® has the final decision regarding warranty coverage & effective dates.

No service will be rendered under this Plan if the customer has a past due account.


Early cancellation is $240.00 when canceled prior to the last service performed. The sale of the home is not a qualifying event; the GenPro Maintenance plan will transfer to the new homeowner for the remainder of the Plan. Please call our office for questions regarding this policy.

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