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Get Rid of the Dust Bunnies with Our Excessive Dust Indicator

Bradley Mechanical’s excessive dust indicator process closely examines your HVAC system and additional airways to diagnose the problem. There are numerous causes of excessive dust, but one thing is certain: excessive dust is something no one wants to deal with. To improve the comfort and efficiency of your home, give the professionals at Bradley Mechanical a call.

What are the Top Causes of Excessive Dust?

Although you may vacuum and dust regularly, you still find dust accumulates quickly around the house. For some, this may be a minor annoyance, but it can contribute to or trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems for many.

What causes this excessive dust? While there isn’t a single cause of excessive dust, there are several common culprits we can be on the lookout for. Depending on your home or building, excessive dust could be caused by:

Young woman doing household chores cleaning the living room with excessive dust
  • Poor filtration
  • Clogged filters
  • Wrong kind of filters
  • Duct runs without blocking in place
  • Leaking ducts
  • Leaking chimney
  • Leaking windows
  • Excessive lint
  • Holes in the shell
  • Recessed lights
  • Overdue maintenance check

To determine the problem or problems at hand, we always recommend having a certified professional like Bradley Mechanical’s HVAC technicians perform tests to check how well your air system works. Most times, there’s something hidden behind the walls contributing to all the dust build up.

Bradley Mechanical's Professional Excessive Dust Indicator

Our highly skilled technicians will run an excessive dust indicator home test to pinpoint the specific issue causing the dust in the air. With this test, we can determine where the dust may be coming from and what the major sources and transport mechanisms are.

Our top concern is when there is a lot of carpeting present, which can attract and hold dust molecules. Sometimes we detect that the particles in the air are not dust but fiberglass from connective spaces like crawl spaces and attics. In other cases, having the ducts cleaned does not alleviate the issue — in fact, they can be the culprit of pushing in more dust. If the ducts have not been tested, then simply cleaning them can become part of the ongoing issue.

Whether we find air leakage, an old filter or something else causing your dust problem, we often find these issues can be avoided altogether with proper HVAC maintenance. This is why it’s so important to have your unit serviced at least once every year to ensure it’s working properly and keeping you and your family cool, comfortable and healthy. At Bradley Mechanical, we often deal with conditions that have been made worse by contractors taking shortcuts. Our technicians will take every step to identify and solve the problem you’re experiencing while providing honest and effective service.

Schedule an excessive dust indicator test today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes excessive dust in a house?

Dust occurs simply by living in an enclosed environment. You, your family members and pets all contribute dust in some shape or form. However, this dust should be easily removed through routine cleaning and the help of your HVAC system. When your system has an old or dirty filter, needs repair or has air leakage issues, excessive dust can quickly build up.

How can you get rid of excessive dust in a house?

Effective cleaning techniques like regular vacuuming and dusting can help remove everyday dust. Removing excessive dust can be frustrating, as it will appear just as quickly as it was removed. To address the problem, you must look behind the walls and into your HVAC and air filtration system. One of its many jobs is to filter your air and remove excess dust and debris to keep your home clean and safe. Scheduling an excessive dust indicator home test is the first step to eliminating excessive dust.

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