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Garbage Disposal Install Made Easy

For over 50 years, we’ve provided homes and business owners with garbage disposal installs and repairs. We have various garbage disposal products to choose from that will fit your budget and usage type. Whether you need a garbage disposal for light use in your home or a commercial food disposal system for your restaurant or cafeteria, give Bradley Mechanical a call.

Got a Clog? Our Garbage Disposal Repair Experts Have a Solution

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you go to turn your garbage disposal on, and it doesn’t work. You hear the motor roaring, but the blades don’t circulate to break down the food sitting in your drain. To make matters worse, water won’t pass through the drain causing your sink to backflow. Several things could be causing your garbage disposal to malfunction, including:

  • Jammed disposal. From eggshells to a buildup of fats and oils, plenty of things make their way through your garbage disposal and can eventually become a problem.
  • Leaky disposal. Garbage disposals can leak in several ways and directions. A loose or worn-out O-ring, gasket, or flange can cause these leaks. Improper connections or installation could also cause leaks.
  • Dull blades. Your garbage disposal’s blades should effectively break up food waste to allow it to pass through the drain. However, if they’re worn or haven’t been replaced in a long time, they could struggle to break up the waste and cause frequent blockages.
  • Motor failure. If you notice your garbage disposal smoking or producing louder sounds than expected, there could be a problem with the motor.

Trying to clear a clog in your garbage disposal can put you in harm’s way, so we never recommend sticking your hand down the train to try and fix the issue. So what do you do? Give Bradley Mechanical a call. Our certified technicians provide garbage disposal repairs on a daily. We’ve seen just about every clog type and malfunction that could arise, allowing us to know precisely how to fix your sink and determine whether you need a garbage disposal replacement.

Same-Day Garbage Disposal Installation

When your garbage disposal has run its course, or if you’re in the market for your first one, we can help. For over 50 years, we’ve helped homeowners install new garbage disposals and replace disposals that no longer run well. Our service technicians are certified and experienced professionals who will help you diagnose your garbage disposal issues to identify the best course of action for getting your system operational again.

We’ll provide you with a wide selection of options to pick from and provide same-day installation. From commercial-grade garbage disposals suited for five-star restaurants to small but mighty units designed for a family of two, four or more – we’ll find the right garbage disposal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of garbage disposal do I need?

Garbage disposals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best model for you will depend on your household or business size, budget, and usage. If you live alone and only cook a handful of times per week, odds are you’ll need a smaller disposal compared to a large family of over six who cook every day. Our experts can help you select the right disposal for your home or restaurant.

How do I maintain garbage disposal?

Whenever you run your disposal, make sure to run it with running cold water. This will help the food break up and move through the blades. It’s also best to avoid hard or extremely fibrous foods that could jam your disposal. Cleaning the system regularly will also help it function and last longer.

Can I use disposal if I have a septic system?

You can have a garbage disposal with a septic system, but you must use it sparingly and carefully. Most often, we do not recommend installing garbage disposal if you have a septic system. This is because food and food waste break down more slowly compared to septic-safe toilet paper and human waste. Plenty of common foods, like coffee grounds, fats and oils, celery stalks, and more easily create clogs, complications, and buildup. And when you have a septic tank, any issues become your responsibility to resolve and can be an extremely costly repair.

Whom do I call to repair a garbage disposal?

You can call your local plumber, like Bradley Mechanical, to repair your garbage disposal!

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