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Heat Pump Installation

With heat pumps being one of the most common heating systems in the country, Bradley Mechanical has expertly trained technicians to install heat pump systems of all sizes and types. We understand how big of an investment installing a new heat pump can be and prioritize your comfort and budget. You can trust us to get the job done right

Bradley Mechanical technician installing a heat pump

Benefits of Installing a New Heat Pump

Whether you’re in the process of new construction, renovation or have simply realized your heat pump is due for replacement, installing a new heat pump comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Lower utility bills - Newer and more energy-efficient heat pumps allow you to save a significant amount in your monthly energy costs. How much exactly? Depending on your previous heating system, your typical heat pump can save you 30% or more in energy costs.
  • More space - Modern heat pumps take up less room compared to more traditional heating systems, such as furnaces and boilers. They also operate quietly and efficiently, keeping your home or office comfortable and safe.
  • Improved indoor air quality - Heat pumps can help improve your indoor air quality by filtering the air and dehumidifying your space.
  • Minimal maintenance - Heat pumps require annual maintenance just like any other heating system, but they often have fewer problems, have quicker fixes and have a longer lifespan.
Bradley Mechanical employees getting a new heat pump out of a truck

You Can Trust Our Heat Pump Installers

Heat pump installation requires trained, experienced and certified technicians. Of all the days of your heat pump system’s life, the most important is installation day. Improper installation can lead to future problems like temperature fluctuations, leaks, bad airflow and more. It may also lead to inefficiencies that can cost hundreds, if not thousands, in wasted energy expenses. Most importantly, improper installations can cost the system to fail entirely, putting you in a situation where you have to buy another system out of pocket.

Bradley Mechanical has trained heat pump installers who are familiar with all types and sizes of heat pumps. Before we install heat pump systems, we will do a full walkthrough of your space to determine the best and most budget-friendly option. We’ll also identify the best placement and an installation estimate that works around your needs. After installing your new heat pump, you’ll notice the immediate warmth and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of heat pumps are most efficient?

Air-to-air heat pumps are generally the most efficient when the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is smaller. A ground source heat pump (or water-to-water heat pump) transfers heat between your home and the ground below. Lastly, an air-to-water heat pump takes in warm air from your home and converts it into hot water. It all depends on your home or office size and construction. Our team will work with you to determine the best and most efficient option.

Do you save money with a heat pump?

When compared to other types of heating systems, heat pumps can save you money on energy costs due to their efficiency. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air source heat pumps can reduce electricity usage for heating by up to 50% when compared to electrical furnaces and baseboard heaters. 

How much does heat pump installation cost?

There are many variables that can determine the cost of installing a new heat pump, like the installation company, size and type of unit, labor costs, etc. Bradley Mechanical will work with you to explore all heat pump installation options with your budget in mind. To get a custom quote, reach out to us today.

How many years does a heat pump last?

Depending on the frequency of use and maintenance upkeep, a heat pump on average lasts between 10-20 years. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance every year through Bradley Mechanical to ensure your heat pump works at peak levels year-to-year.

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