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Reliable Heat Pump Repairs from Bradley Mechanical

If you’ve been searching for a trusted professional to help with heat pump repairs, you’ve come to the right place. Bradley Mechanical has a team of certified technicians ready to inspect, service and provide heat pump repairs on the spot.

How to Tell if it's Time for Heat Pump Repairs

Modern heat pumps are built to keep you and your entire home comfortable throughout the changing seasons. If your thermostat’s temperature settings don’t always match the room temperature, it could mean your heat pump isn’t running efficiently.

There are several other signs your heat pump could be in need of repair. If you notice your unit showing one or more of the following signs, give us a call to speak with our heat pump specialist.

Bradley Mechanical technician repairing a heat pump
  • Icy buildup - During the winter months, it can be common for a light coating of ice to appear on the coils. Heat pumps are designed to defrost automatically and remove this frosty coat. However, if your heat pump has developed a thick coat of icing or shuts off due to the ice, there could be a problem with the reverse valve or a refrigerant leak.
  • Quirky noises - From rattling to griding to buzzing to humming – these are all sounds your heat pump unit should not be making. These noises can be caused by a loose part, a bent blower blade or even a broken belt.
  • High utility bills - It’s normal to see a jump in cost when the seasons change. Still, if you notice consistent increases in your energy bills and don’t notice an increase in heat, it’s time for heat pump repairs.
  • Short cycling - If your heat pump is constantly working in bursts, it could be a sign that you either need to turn your fan switch from “on” to “auto” or your limit switch may need repairs.
  • Weak airflow. Check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty or shows significant wear. If the heat pump’s airflow remains the same, we recommend having a technician come out to evaluate the state of your vents and drain line.

If you’re experiencing heat pump failure during extreme temperatures, give us a call. We have heat pump specialists available 24/7 to provide emergency heat pump repair.

Our Certified Experts Repair All Heat Pump Types

More and more homes and businesses select heat pumps over other, more traditional heating units. Heat pumps offer similar heat benefits to boilers and furnaces but don’t burn expensive fuel to generate heat. Instead, they transfer heat similarly to the way your refrigerator does. Moving heat is more energy-efficient than generating it, which allows heat pumps to save on energy costs year-round.

Heat pumps transfer refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units to move heat where needed. This refrigerant is used to both absorb and release heat. In the winter, the refrigerant absorbs exterior heat and releases it inside your home. And in summer, it absorbs interior heat and releases it outside.

Just like all the other appliances and systems, you have to keep your home comfortable; heat pumps require regular maintenance to function as intended. Bradley Mechanical has experience with every size, type, make and model of heat pumps. Our certified technicians know each part of the heat pump, from key components like the compressor, condenser and reversing valve down to the smallest connections. You can count on us to identify any problem, explain the issue to you and provide a budget-friendly estimate before beginning your heat pump repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call for repair services?

Suppose you notice any of the previously mentioned signs. In that case, you should contact us to speak with one of our heat pump specialists for repair service. Restricted airflow, strange noises, ice developing on the coil and energy bills going up could all be reasons to have your heat pump checked.

Why is my heat pump making noises?

When you hear loud noises like popping or buzzing coming from your heat pump, it could be due to several issues. A failing motor can buzz or vibrate, and a failing valve may make a hissing sound. Heat pumps are nearly silent when working as intended, so call a professional heat pump specialist if you’re hearing these noises.

Talk to your heat pump specialist today.

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