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Professional Backflow Testing and Prevention Services

A backflow of water into your plumbing can lead to damage or pose health risks if contaminated water is consumed. Our expert plumbers are here to help keep your water clean by installing a backflow preventer wherever one is needed and testing your water to ensure it is safe. Dealing with backflow contamination can feel like a nightmare when you need clean water. Let us get you Outta the Fix You’re In today.

What is Backflow Testing and Prevention?

Common causes for backflow include:

  • Back siphonage occurs when there is a loss of pressure in the main water line, usually from a break or sudden high water consumption. For example, firefighters putting out a blaze can cause back siphonage
  • A break or rise in pressure in the sewer line that pushes wastewater back up to the clean water supply

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While there’s not much you can do regarding municipal backflow causes, you can still protect your water supply from backflow contamination. Backflow preventers are essential devices for keeping your water safe and clean from pollutants. They are fixed to your water pipes and allow water to flow in one direction but never the other.

Why is this Important?

Backflow is a dangerous issue to have in your plumbing system. Plumbing and sewage removal use gravity and ventilation to carry wastewater away from the house while pressure pumps clean water inside. When water pressure fluctuates and disrupts this balance, wastewater can contaminate the clean supply. Water is the most essential resource in your home, and using polluted water is a considerable health risk. Bradley Mechanical places the safety of our clients above all else. We are available for backflow plumbing services and prevention all year round, so you never have to worry about contaminates in your water.

Our Reliable & Certified Experts are Ready to Help

Bradley Mechanical’s plumbing technicians install backflow preventers to your water pipes to save you the grief of dealing with sewer line backflow. When you rely on our experts, you can use your water without any fear of issues or contaminants because your safety is our top priority.

Bradley Mechanical’s Inspection and Testing Services

Bradley Mechanical knows how important it is that your water supply remains clean no matter what. Our expert plumbing team provides routine backflow inspection and backflow preventer testing to ensure water quality and safety for our clients. We recommend getting your backflow prevention devices tested once a year to safeguard the integrity of your water supply. When we test your system, we ensure:

  • Your backflow preventer is still working properly
  • Your water is clean and safe
  • There are no other issues with your system that can lead to other contaminants

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes backflow in plumbing?

Backflow is caused by a drop in water pressure in the main water supply or a rise in pressure on the sewer disposal side. These events can be generated on a municipal level with mainline water breaks and sudden high water consumption, with fire fighting being the most common of the latter.

Should I have my backflow device tested?

You should have your backflow device tested annually to guarantee proper function. Contact our team today so we can get your yearly inspection completed for you.

Why do backflow preventers have to be tested regularly?

It is crucial to ensure backflow preventers are working properly to eliminate the risk of backflow contamination. Like any device, they can wear down after years of use and might need to be repaired or replaced altogether. Bradley Mechanical wants to prevent backflow issues before they become an issue.

Contact Bradley Mechanical’s plumbing team today for help with backflow testing and prevention measures. Our experts will ensure your water supply stays clean and fresh with proper backflow prevention..

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