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Seal All Leaks for Good with Aeroseal® Duct Sealing

Our tried-and-true Aeroseal® duct sealing method helps seal leaks within your air ducts for good. The certified specialists at Bradley Mechanical can address any leaks within your HVAC ductwork quickly and safely, allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home.

What is Aeroseal?

In the past, leaks in air duct systems were sealed by removing the existing insulation and patching the leaks with a thick, glue-like substance. It took a lot more time and effort and wasn’t 100% effective in addressing all leaks. And inefficient ductwork leads to further air loss, poor indoor air quality and health hazards.

The company that developed Aeroseal was determined to solve this problem. Aeroseal is a spray-based sealant technology that covers all the leaks in your air duct system without having to remove the insulation. Aeroseal has made the process of HVAC duct sealing faster and easier. The spray can seal areas in your duct system that are difficult to reach and has a durability of over 40 years.

Aeroseal is Bradley Mechanical’s preferred method of performing HVAC duct sealing services for its dependability and convenience. We can safely guarantee that the sealant will reach every inch of your air duct system and will last as long as your home.

Would Your Home Benefit from Aeroseal HVAC Duct Sealing?

Unsealed air ducts can hinder the effectiveness of your heating and cooling appliances. Heat and conditioned air seeping through the cracks and gaps in your air duct system can cost you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. Leaky ducts can also allow dust, dirt and more harmful air pollutants to travel through your home. A properly sealed duct system can help you avoid this issue and keep your system covered for decades.

How do you know if your ductwork needs sealing? You may notice consistently high energy bills and uneven or inadequate airflow between rooms. Bradley Mechanical's certified HVAC technicians can examine your ducts closely and determine where the issues occur and how to fix them. We offer quality Aeroseal HVAC duct sealing service for our clients to plug and reduce the risk of future leaks. This quick and easy service can supplement your heating and cooling units for years to come, saving you money, time and grief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aeroseal seal all leaks?

Aeroseal will automatically find and seal all leaks through your air duct system. The product seals leaks as large as 5/8”, which takes care of most potential leaks a home might have.

How long will Aeroseal last?

Aeroseal has a ten-year warranty but has proven to last over four times that. Properly implemented Aeroseal can be durable for over 40 years with absolutely no sign of deterioration. This is why we always encourage hiring a professional, as it not only ensures proper application but increases the lifespan as well.

Is there an odor?

Upon application, Aeroseal can emit a faint glue-like odor. This scent disappears after a few hours. If you or a family member has any sensitivities to certain smells, we recommend leaving the house for a few hours during or immediately after an Aeroseal appointment.

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