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Dealing with Clogged Drains? Receive Prompt & Professional Drain Cleaning from Bradley Mechanical

Clogged drains can start as a minor nuisance but often result in serious damage. Waiting too long to unclog drains can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs. Our certified and experienced plumbers at Bradley Mechanical know the first signs of a blocked drain. If you suspect a clogged drain or don't remember the last time you scheduled a drain cleaning, give us a call.

Hand holding a clogged part of a bathroom sink pipe

Common Causes for Clogged Drains

Over the years, we've identified the most common causes for clogged drains, which include:

  • Hair. Human and animal hair are the most significant contributors to clogged drains. While single strands or small amounts may not seem capable of large clogs, they can tangle together and combine with other sticky substances to create a substantial clog over time.
  • Soap. We use soap to wash our hands and bodies regularly – and for a good reason. So why does it cause drain clogs? Soap is made up of fats and minerals to remove germs, and when this residue or "soap scum" is left behind in your drains, it builds up and creates a clog. We often see this in traditional soap bars vs. liquid or foam soaps.
  • Dirt. Not only does the soap we use to remove dirt from ourselves cause clogs, but the dirt itself can also contribute to the problem. Excess dirt tends to form clogs, especially when combined with grease and hair.
  • Food waste. Doing the dishes usually results in some food scraps at the bottom of the sink. If these find their way down the drain, they can quickly impact drainage and form the beginning of an even larger drain clog.
  • Small objects. Toys, jewelry, hardware… There's an endless list of items that can accidentally make their way down the drain. These solid objects require removal, as they instantly create a blocked drain.
  • Toilet paper. Although toilet paper is designed to break down with water, clogs can still occur. This frequently happens when drains are experiencing other issues or haven't been cleaned for a significant time.
Hands using a tool to unclog a bathroom sink drain

Clogged Drain Cleaning Performed by Plumbing Professionals

Bradley Mechanical has provided our community professional and effective plumbing services for over 50 years. Whether your shower has a standing water issue or your kitchen sink won't drain, we can help. Once on-site, we'll examine the status of your drains and determine the problem. We'll also provide a thorough clogged drain cleaning service that removes any additional buildup.

If we spot a leak, we'll immediately address it and look for structural damage. Unfortunately, clogs that seem minor can sometimes reveal more extreme issues behind the floorboard or walls. This happens because once water is trapped, it will try to escape by any means possible, resulting in a leak. Mold and mildew growth can then grow, creating a health and safety hazard for you and your family.

We don't just unclog drains. We take clogged drains seriously, as we understand the risks they can pose to your home and health. If you experience a major clog resulting in a noticeable water leak, don't hesitate to call our emergency line immediately.

Schedule a drain cleaning today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a clogged drain?

The first and most common sign of a clogged drain is slow draining. If, after using your faucet or shower, you notice standing water or slow draining, there's almost certainly a clog. Other signs to look for include strange or sewer-like smells, gurgling noises, water backup, and unexplained outdoor puddles in your yard.

Can I simply clean my drain with a chemical cleaner?

Chemical drain cleaners are readily available at your local convenience or hardware store, but that doesn't mean they should be used in every scenario. Chemical cleaners target and break up a clog, but usually just enough to let water pass through. This does not eliminate the problem at its source, making it likely that the clog will reappear shortly after.

Why is a professional drain cleaning necessary?

Because chemical cleaners don't effectively eliminate every type of clog, nor will they prevent future clogs, we always recommend having a professional plumber perform drain cleanings. These services ensure your drains are free of any mineral and dirt buildup that occurs naturally while also helping reduce the risks of future blockages and emergencies.

How often should I schedule drain cleanings?

As a rule, we recommend having your drains inspected and cleaned at least once annually.

How can I prevent drains from clogging in the future?

Installing drain stoppers is a great way to reduce the risk of clogs caused by hair, dirt, and food scraps. There are numerous types on the market for various drains that can be placed on top of your drain to work immediately. These catch debris before it makes its way to your pipe system. For drain stoppers to remain effective, you must regularly clean and maintain them.

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