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Stary Warm & Cozy All Winter with Professional Gas Logs Installation

Bradley Mechanical offers a selection of quality vented gas logs and professional gas log installation, providing the safest vented fireplace products for your home. If you are looking to curl up in comfort near a warm fire on a cold winter night, we have some great options for you.

Turned on gas log fireplace in a bright living room

Selecting a Log Set for Your Comfort & Style

When deciding on the gas log set to use in your fireplace, there are numerous factors to consider. Here at Bradley Mechanical, we’ll walk you through all your options and make recommendations based on your unique needs, budget and space. Here are a few top considerations we ask our clients to consider:

  • Vented or non-vented? Vented logs are the most common and safest option on the market. However, this may not be the right solution for you if you do not have a chimney. Non-vented logs emit more heat than vented logs and do not require a chimney. The downside? There’s a much higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and we do not typically recommend them for this reason alone.
  • How large is your fireplace? Measuring your fireplace based on the width and height of the opening, along with the width of the back and depth, allows us to determine the size of gas logs. Without the correct measurements, you may end up with logs too big to fit or too small to complete the look and feel you want to achieve.
  • What quality is most important to you? Anytime you’re dealing with fire, safety is the top priority. Bradley Mechanical only provides vented gas logs that offer optimal safety. However, prioritizing other qualities, like heat level, log size, and more, is up to you.
Lit up gas log fireplace in a patio

Discover the Benefits of Vented Gas Logs

While gas logs burn clean gas, carbon dioxide and water vapor are emitted as by-products. This not only causes moisture and mildew in your home, but it can also be harmful to breathe in. Vented logs are the most common type of logs on the market due to their safety. Vented logs resemble a real fire with realistic wood logs and allow you to change up the log position if you choose. Vented gas logs are the only safe gas log, as they use the chimney to exhaust what a non-vented log spills into the home.

Bradley Mechanical offers the best of the best when it comes to vented gas logs. We work with experts in the industry to provide you with a quality product that has a lifetime warranty. Our offering includes logs that are reinforced with steel rods, producing an extremely durable product. The realistic factor also surprises our customers, providing a warm and safe outcome.

To learn more about our offerings and gas logs installation, contact the team at Bradley Mechanical to set up a consultation. Our fireplace and gas log experts will provide you with all the information you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between vented and ventless gas logs?

The main difference between vented and ventless gas logs is the amount of heat. Ventless gas logs supply a lot more heat than vented gas logs. They also don’t require a chimney for venting and provide a clean, smokeless flame. However, they must be installed around the gas outlet, and carbon monoxide can be produced if the gas encounters the logs. This is an extreme safety hazard and the core reason Bradley Mechanical does not offer or install ventless gas logs. Vented logs, on the other hand, still supply a steady supply of warmth while keeping you and your family safe.

What size of gas logs do I need?

The size of the logs will depend on the size of your fireplace. You can either take measurements yourself or have one of our technicians come out to measure the width, height and depth of your fireplace to determine the size of gas logs.

How long do gas logs last?

The vented gas logs that Bradley Mechanical offers have a lifetime warranty. Made with quality materials, these logs will provide you with warmth and ambiance for many years to come.

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