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Advanced & Effective Home Performance Tests

Bradley Mechanical offers some of the most comprehensive home performance tests in the area. To test your home performance, we’ll utilize our 50+ years of experience with the latest technology and tools. We also take the time to listen to your own experiences and concerns to ensure we cover all bases.

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Home Performance Testing

There isn’t just one way to test your home performance. Once a technician arrives at your property, we’ll evaluate your:

  • HVAC equipment. Our inspection will reveal if your HVAC equipment is operating efficiently or showing signs of insufficient maintenance. During this testing phase, our air quality expert will test your home air filtration and purification to determine how clean the indoor air is.
  • Indoor air leakage. Too much air leakage results in high energy costs and rooms that are difficult to regulate temperature. To test for indoor air leakage, our inspectors use devices that help locate leaks and measure how airtight your home is.
  • Installation and duct system. Performing static pressure tests help us find installation problems or blockages inside your ducts. This will help us identify the amount of conditioned air in each room and reveal any issues with air circulation.

Receive a Full Home Performance Report

Once home performance testing is complete, we’ll provide you with a full report of our findings. This will include our recommendations and budget-friendly options to address any issues. This proposal will include details regarding costs and an estimated timeframe to complete the work.

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