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Professional Wet Crawl Space Repair & Maintenance

Although your crawl space may be the least visited area of your home, a wet crawl space can lead to structural damage, poor indoor air quality and more. At Bradley Mechanical, we think of your crawl space as a miniature basement. It’s just as important to control the moisture in these small, out-of-sight spaces as any other part of your home because much of the air you breathe comes through your crawl space. Our team of professionals provides expert crawl space repair and maintenance services to ensure you’re living in safe conditions.

What Causes Wet Crawl Spaces?

When the moisture levels rise in a crawl space, it can affect your HVAC system, building durability and the air quality in the rooms above. When things get wet, you also run the risk of attracting bugs and causing deterioration of structural integrity. Over time, mold and mildew can grow. This can result in damage to your home’s foundation as well as your health and well-being. As surfaces condensate, electrical components are damaged, the metal begins to rust, and fibrous insulation acts like a sponge and fails to work.

There are several ways your crawl space can come into contact with excess moisture and leaks. Some of the most common causes of wet crawl spaces include:

  • Open, uncovered soil. This may act as a transport mechanism for moisture as it is wicked off the surface and delivered to the spaces above.
  • Poor vapor barrier. If the vapor barrier is poor, does not overlap, and is sealed at the piers or sealed along the entire perimeter, it will allow excess moisture in.
  • Too much ventilation. When vents remain open, a significant amount of humid air is allowed to enter the space, which may cause sweating and condensation.
  • Masonry walls. Masonry walls are laid in and bound together by mortar with bricks, stones, concrete or another building material. Although these walls are aesthetically pleasing, they can wick up moisture from the ground, especially during a rainstorm or when gutters have spilled over and impacted your crawl space.
  • Storm or natural disaster. Crawl spaces and basements are hit the hardest during extreme weather conditions, which is why we always recommend reviewing these areas after the storm has passed.
  • Plumbing leaks. Blocked drains, condensate lines and open sump pumps can also make your crawl space wet. Leaky ducts are another common reason water builds up in your crawl space.

Wet crawl space in need of repair and sealing

Crawl Space Maintenance from Certified Experts

Even the smallest amount of water found in your crawl space should not be ignored. Small leaks can quickly become large puddles of standing water and moisture damage. It also means you and your family could be breathing in indoor air pollutants caused by mold and mildew growth.

Bradley Mechanical’s crawl space repair and maintenance experts can help you address and remove any leakage and damage from your crawl space. If you’re unsure of the status of your crawl space, we are happy to come out for a complimentary consultation to provide our recommendations. With over 50 years of business in the area, we pride ourselves on being transparent and trustworthy with all our customers.

In extreme cases, our technicians may recommend crawl space ventilation. The only time Bradley Mechanical would recommend that a crawl space stay intentionally vented is if the site is continually wet or experiences a significant dampening event every few years. This may occur if you are situated near a stream or river. Our technicians will make good notes of when gutters are present, clear and well-pitched, have good downspout extensions, and are proper grade — so that we choose the crawl space solution that is best for you.

Call us today to learn about our crawl space repair and maintenance service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some warning signs that I have a wet crawl space?

Discoloration and wet or dark spots on the walls are typical signs you have a wet crawl space issue. Condensation on your ductwork, pest infestations, and mold or wood rot are major signs of a problem. If you suspect moisture buildup or issues with your crawl space, give us a call.

Could my gutters and downspouts be contributing to my wet crawl space?

Clogged gutters can undoubtedly contribute to a wet crawl space. If your gutters or downspout cannot quickly and effectively remove the water, it can seep into the sides of your home and build up near your crawl space. This is why it’s imperative to regularly clean your gutters throughout the changing seasons and inspect them for damages after severe weather.

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