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Professional Heavy Appliances Wiring & Installation

Our technicians and electricians handle all electrical needs, including heavy appliances wiring. From hot tub wiring to AC wiring to range and dryer wiring – we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to expertly wire your heavy appliances.

We Proudly Offer a Wide Range of Appliance Wiring Services

When setting up a new appliance, especially large ones that already require special delivery and care, you want to ensure it's done right the first time. Our team of certified electricians can help you set up your new:

  • AC wiring. Wiring an air conditioning unit involves high-voltage components and wiring connections that require professional installation. Improper wiring and installation could result in serious problems for your air conditioning unit in the future. Our AC wiring professionals can wire any type of air conditioning equipment, connect it to the main electrical circuit panel, and set up proper breakers.
  • Hot tub wiring. Installing a hot tub can be exciting, but it takes more than just filling it with water and plugging it in. We recommend hiring a certified electrician with proper training and who is familiar with the National Electric Code (NEC), specifically pertaining to hot tubs. They must also understand the basics, including GFCI, motors, and wiring, before attempting to install a hot tub. Additionally, installation can become more complicated if it requires adding a dedicated circuit in your electrical panel and a subpanel near the hot tub. Our team of qualified electricians possesses the know-how to properly install your new hot tub and ensure it is safe and operational.
  • Electrical range wiring. Electric ranges are common appliances found in many homes. Since they have higher voltage requirements than the average appliance, special outlets and wiring are necessary for installation. Most electric ranges require a line voltage between 220 and 240 volts. The NEC requires that all new construction and remodeling use a 4-prong receptacle. While it is still within the code to have existing 3-prong outlets for ranges, the 4-prong receptacle is much safer and can be properly installed by an electrician.
  • Dryer wiring. Similar to electric ranges, dryers also have higher voltage requirements and need specific outlets and wiring. Most dryers run on 110 volts or 220 volts, depending on the size, and need a 4-prong receptacle.
  • And more! Have a heavy appliance not listed here? We can help install a wide range of appliances – heavy or not. Reach out to us to see how we can help you with your next appliance installation.

If you need help installing any heavy-duty electrical appliances, give Bradley Mechanical a call. Our team of certified electricians will be glad to assist you in installing, repairing or replacing the wiring and outlets for many of your heavy appliances.

Schedule your heavy appliances wiring appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the wiring in a kitchen isn't adequate for all appliances used?

If you have an older home, your electrical panel may not be up to par to effectively power modern appliances. When this happens, we recommend installing specific circuits to help power heavy appliances. These individual circuits will ensure your electric range, dryer, refrigerator and other heavy appliance has proper wiring and enough voltage required for use.

How do I check my dryer wiring?

Prior to the year 2000, 3-prong dyer cords were standard. Now, 4-prong dryer cords are the new standard. If you haven't replaced your dryer for over 20 years or are using an older model, odds are you'll come across an issue when wiring a new one. To check your dryer's wiring, you'll have to find its outlet and examine the prong type, along with the dryer cord. We recommend having a professional electrician, like those at Bradley Mechanical, provide these services to ensure safety.

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