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Electrical Service Upgrade

If you’ve ever experienced flickering lights, power surges, or frequent outages, it may be time for an electrical service upgrade. An outdated electrical system doesn’t always have the strength to power all our modern electronics. Our certified electricians at Bradley Mechanical perform electrical service and system upgrades that will enhance your home’s performance by effectively distributing power.

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It’s Time for an Electrical System Upgrade

Over the last few decades, the number of electrical devices and appliances we use has skyrocketed, from multiple laptops and televisions to high-end refrigerators and washing machines. Older homes naturally come with outdated electrical systems built to operate less than half of what’s now expected.

For example, an older home built before 1980 may be equipped to handle 50-100 amps of power but is now expected to run 200-400 amps. That’s a considerable increase in amperage, making it more challenging to power your gadgets without overloading your circuits and damaging your devices.

Likewise, older fuse boxes that have not been upgraded also often fall short of NEC guidelines, which poses a safety hazard to your home. Switching to an upgraded breaker box with safety precautions such as arc fault breakers will put your electrical system up to code compliance and make your home safer.

Professional Electricians at Your Service

Bradley Mechanical has a team of highly educated and practiced electricians ready to help you out with an electrical system upgrade. It’s required of our crew to be up to date on all NEC practices and code compliance. We work hard to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients, keeping your comfort and safety a top priority.

Instead of a barebone installation and wiring job, our electricians will give your home a complete electrical overhaul, including:

  • Placing and loading a service entrance cable
  • Working on the grounding and bonding system
  • Installing the meter base
  • Installing and testing the electrical panel

You can be confident that you’re in safe hands when it comes to this big of a change. Bradley Mechanical is here for all your electrical service and installation needs that only we can provide. An electrical service upgrade is well worth it when it comes to your electronics’ needs and safety. Contact Bradley Mechanical today to ask about and schedule your appointment for an electrical system upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of upgrading an electrical panel?

The major benefits of upgrading your electrical panel are increased safety and efficiency. Older houses typically have outdated electrical systems that don’t follow NEC code and can’t bear the load that newer electronics need. Switching from a fuse box to a breaker panel will allow your electrical system to effectively use power throughout the house, no matter what you have plugged in. Updating your system to be code compliant also keeps your home safe and reduces the risk of power surges, fires and electrocution. Upgrading to a newer system can also reduce your electric bill and raise the value of your home.

How long will it take to upgrade an electrical panel?

On average, a complete electrical panel upgrade takes about six hours. The precise time depends on how much work needs to be done to install the new panel and how many panels you need in your home. Our staff of experienced electricians can typically upgrade your electrical system within a day so that you can see the difference in your new unit right away.

Find out if you could benefit from an electrical service upgrade.

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