How to Handle an Outage During Snow or Ice Storms

If you have lived in Central Virginia you know we are no strangers when it comes to ice storms in the fall. With these storms comes the risk of power outages and a generator can become your most important piece of equipment for keeping your home and family protected.

Safely Operating a Generator in Inclement Weather

  • NEVER OPERATE A GENERATOR INSIDE YOUR HOME – Generators can produce large amounts of carbon monoxide which can be lethal. Only operate your generator outside and away from doors, windows and vents.
  • DON’T RUN YOUR GENERATOR IN WET CONDITIONS – Keeping your generator dry is important to avoid any danger of electrocution. Safety canopies or metal enclosures are excellent options for protecting your generator during wet and icy weather. They will keep your generator dry and well-ventilated.
  • COOL BEFORE YOU REFUEL – If the power is out for an extended period of time you may be running your generator for many hours. Before you refuel, turn your generator off and allow it to cool for 15-20 minutes. Pouring gas on a hot generator could be a fire hazard.
  • USE A HEAVY-DUTY EXTENSION CORD – Be sure to use a heavy-duty extension cord that is rated for outdoor use to connect any appliances. Inspect the cord for breaks or frays to avoid possible electrocution.
  • DON’T BACKFEED YOUR GENERATOR – Backfeeding, or connecting your generator directly to an outlet in your home, is very dangerous and even illegal in many localities. It can overload appliances or, even worse, present a lethal hazard to those working on the utility lines.

Keep your lights on during any ice storm this fall. If your generator needs repair or you have questions about service or installation, give Bradley Mechanical a call at (804) 748-6728. We offer many different generator products and have provided expert service to Central Virginia for almost fifty years.

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