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We Enhance Electrical Safety with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Services

Bradley Mechanical proudly offers ground fault circuit interrupter upgrades and services for local home and business owners. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are key to electrical safety; when installed and used correctly, they can help prevent electrical fires, electrocution, and other dangerous electrical hazards. Whether you need to install GFCIs in a new property or want to upgrade your electrical system, the certified electricians at Bradley Mechanical are here to help.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters 101

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are a type of circuit breaker that shuts off electric power when it detects an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current. The purpose of a GFCI is to avoid electrical shock due to a short circuit, insulation failure, or equipment malfunction. It is often found in bathrooms or kitchens where electrical appliances are used in close proximity to water.

How does a GFCI work? The GFCI constantly monitors the current flowing in a circuit to detect real-time fluctuations. If any change in the flow is detected in the circuit, the GFCI will immediately shut off the flow of electricity. The GFCI uses a differential transformer to compare the current going out and the current coming back in. It can detect an imbalance as small as 0.005 amps and can shut off in as little as 1/40 of a second.

There are three different types of GFCIs:

  • Receptacle. This type installs inside an electrical box.
  • Circuit breaker. This is installed in an electrical panel.
  • Temporary or portable. This is often used in construction and outdoor settings.

Stay Up to Code with Bradley Mechanical's GFCI Repairs

The National Electric Code (NEC) requires GFCI protection everywhere water or moisture may be present—including kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, and laundry areas. Water or wet objects can conduct electricity and connect your body to the ground, potentially causing a shock from a ground fault. GFCIs should be tested monthly to determine if they are still functioning properly. If your GFCIs have experienced water damage or other powering issues, you should immediately seek out a certified electrician for help.

Bradley Mechanical offers ground fault circuit interrupters upgrades for homes with outdated units. We also offer ground fault, circuit interrupters services and repairs for units that have experienced damage. For over 50 years, our team has provided top notch, professional electrical services and upgrades for our local community. We take your safety seriously and perform all electrical services according to NEC code.

Schedule GFCI repairs or replacement with Bradley Mechanical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to call an electrician if my GFCI trips?

You should call your local electrician if a ground fault circuit interrupter trips. GFCIs are designed to protect you; if one trip, the risk of fire and electrocution rises. The expert electricians at Bradley Mechanical can provide immediate service to ensure your safety.

What does a ground fault circuit interrupter do?

GFCIs help prevent dangerous electric shocks by detecting ground faults and interrupting the flow of electric currents. These electrical safety devices have helped save thousands of lives and cut the number of home electrocutions in half.

Can I install GFCIs myself?

Do not attempt to install a GFCI without the knowledge of basic electrical wiring. The same goes for if your home has older or damaged wiring. Certified electricians like those at Bradley Mechanical know the ins and outs of GFCI installation and ensure proper use.

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