Is Your Home Struggling to Stay Cool in the Summer?

Insulation is a dense, thick material that provides a layer of protection against the outdoor elements. We often tend to associate insulation with cold in the wintertime. It makes sense since we can imagine insulation working the same way as warm jackets keeping us insulated and warm. 

However, insulation also plays a vital role in home cooling during the hot summer months. As your AC pumps cool air into your house, insulation acts as a barrier to keep it from leaking out. In the same way that poor or damaged insulation fails to keep your house warm in the winter, it can also prevent your home from staying cool and keeping energy bills at bay.

Inspecting Insulation

When fiberglass insulation is installed, the fluffy pink material can settle and become less effective over time. The material can also lead to other drawbacks, as cuts in the fiberglass batts can lead to thermal bridging. In the same way, your HVAC system can benefit from regular tune-ups and maintenance, your home insulation likely needs a professional inspection every now and again.

Here are four signs your insulation is failing:

  1. Drafts and Changing Temperatures - If you experience several different temperatures as you walk through your home, that's a common sign that your home is under-insulated. Drafty rooms can also indicate poor insulation or other home performance issues. It's possible that the insulation has shifted and opened gaps that let in hot summer air.
  2. High Energy Bills - As mentioned before, poor insulation can make your AC work overtime, causing your energy bills to inflate. Even if you don't notice changes in your home's temperature, you'll undoubtedly notice when your energy bills go up. An AC system that's constantly turning on and off to adjust indoor temperatures can quickly result in higher utility bills.
  3. Pests and Critters - Nothing's worse than finding bugs, rodents or other pests in your home. You might wonder how these pests got in with doors and windows closed. It is most likely because of the tiny insulation gaps around doorways and windows. These openings are also how warm air enters, and your cold air escapes.
  4. Water Leaks and Excess Moisture - Summertime doesn't just mean heat; it also means rain and thunderstorms. Just as gaps in insulation can let in hot air, they can also let water in. If you are experiencing leaks that don't seem to be coming from a pipe, insulation may as well be the culprit. Water leaks often lead to water damage, which then leads to costly issues such as mold and mildew removal services.

If you notice any of the above issues, it's time to get your insulation checked right away. Not only can these issues continue to grow and impact your comfort and finances, but they can also result in health issues. High humidity and excess moisture can result in mold and mildew growth, causing respiratory problems – especially for those with indoor allergies and asthma. Similarly, pests can leave behind droppings and diseases that could harm those within your home.

Rather than crank up the AC and avoid the issues building around your home, call a professional to test your home's performance and cooling insulation.

Improve Your Home Performance this Summer

Homeowners should know the signs of poor insulation. Whether your insulation has simply decreased in quality due to time or if certain areas have been damaged due to pests, mold or other incidents, it's always a good idea to reassess your cooling insulation.

Likewise, homeowners should rely on a trusted professional to address the issue versus a DIY solution. Our insulation and HVAC experts at Bradley Mechanical can quickly test your home performance with our advanced equipment and technology.

We'll keep an eye out for cool air escaping the following areas of your home:

  • Roof and attic
  • Indoor and outdoor walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Basement
  • Crawl spaces
  • And more

We can assess your current home cooling insulation to determine the best solution for you. We are known for providing a thorough installation that prioritizes the best methods, equipment, and products to create lasting insulation. Because any gap in insulation can allow air to escape, we take care to be precise in our installation.

Call the Bradley Mechanical experts today to learn more about our insulation services. From inspection to insulation to repairs, we use a flat rate price to ensure that the job costs what is quoted with no surprise charges.

Stay comfortable this summer with Bradley Mechanical.

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