5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Ductwork this Summer

The quality of ductwork in your home dictates its comfort and efficiency. Even though you can’t see this interconnected system, it’s vital in distributing and circulating your AC’s cooled air throughout your home during the warm summer months. Poorly installed or damaged duct systems can have leaks and holes that lose this cool air, making your home hotter, your energy bills higher, and causing your air conditioning unit to work harder.

Knowing the state of your ductwork is essential to understanding how efficient your home is—or isn’t. Having a certified ductwork professional examine your ductwork is the first step to understanding where improvements could be made. Often enough, we recommend our customers consider installing custom ductwork. This is because every home is built differently and depending on when your home was built, your ductwork could likely benefit from an update.

5 Reasons to Install Custom Ductwork

Custom ductwork fabrication is fitted exactly to the specifications of your home. This is done in precise detail to make sure that cool air can reach every corner of your living and workspace. Professional custom ductwork is cut and fitted on-site and is perfectly measured and calculated.

  1. The Perfect Fit. Too often, ductwork is treated like a standardized installation, but every home is different. Ducts should be measured to the size of your home. If they are too small, then your system will go into overdrive, trying to force air through the ducts. If they are too large, the HVAC will become inefficient by running longer than necessary.
  2. Better Airflow. Do you have rooms in your house that never seem to get cold, no matter how hard your AC is working? Your ductwork is probably not evenly distributed throughout your home. Custom fabrication will take your home’s layout into account so that every space is cooled efficiently and equally.
  3. Greater Reach. Custom ductwork is important to consider if you are adding an extra room to your home. When you have existing custom ductwork, you can seamlessly add an addition to your home.
  4. Better Air Quality. Your ducts are a big factor in the quality of your indoor air quality. Leaks and holes that let cooled air escape can also let humid outdoor air infiltrate your home. This air may be carrying pollutants and can lead to mold and mildew growth in your vents. As your air circulates, these hazards are added into your breathing air — and can lead to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Custom ducts can safeguard your indoor air quality. When everything is made to fit together, there’s no room for holes and gaps that can compromise your health.
  5. More Energy Efficient. Instead of making your air conditioning work hard to reach all the rooms in your home, custom ductwork is designed specifically for your layout and dimensions — making it easier for your AC to cool your home. A more efficient home also means lower energy bills.

Home Performance Testing

It’s easy for homeowners to check and see if their ductwork is running efficiently with home performance testing. Bradley Mechanical offers a range of home performance tests, all of which can help determine if custom ductwork is right for your home. Our tests include:

  • HVAC Equipment Evaluation. Our inspection will reveal if your HVAC is operating efficiently or shows any signs of insufficient maintenance. During this test, we can also determine if your HVAC equipment was installed incorrectly and requires repairs. Our air quality expert will also test your home air filtration and purification to determine how clean your indoor air is.
  • Infiltrometer Blower Door Test. Indoor air has to circulate through the home evenly. When too much leakage occurs from improper ductwork, homeowners deal with high energy costs and rooms that are hard to keep cool. Our inspectors use a device to detect how airtight your home is. Based on those results, custom ductwork may be the right solution to fix any leakage issues.
  • Air Leakage Evaluation. Last but certainly not least, our air leakage evaluation includes a static pressure test to identify installation issues and blockages within your ductwork. We’ll look at every inch of your ductwork, ensuring each room receives the proper amount of airflow.

Bradley Mechanical can test your ducts to see if they are leaking and causing your home to run inefficiently. These tests can determine capacity loss, leakage volume, and overall system efficiency. Call Bradley Mechanical today to learn more about custom ducts and home performance testing.

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